How to Sync Android to Windows Media Player (including playlists)

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  1. slaman

    slaman Member

    I use Windows Media Player to manage all my mp3s and playlists. I want my Samsung Galaxy S to be synchronized with my PC... I can connect my Galaxy S using "Media Player" mode and use the built-in sync with WMP, but there are issues:

    1) Some mp3s get "corrupted" - how do I force WMP to "re-sync" them without losing my playlist association (if I manually add it as a file to sync, it is no longer associated with the playlist)

    2) If I delete an mp3 from the device, WMP doesn't realize and won't re-sync the file again... is there a way to re-sync?

    3) Sometimes WMP will re-sync playlists and each song shows up 3-4+ times when I load up a playlist on my device... I then have to wipe the Music and Playlist folder and re-sync from scratch... any way around this?

    4) Where are android playlists stored? The Playlists folder on the sd card can be wiped, but the playlists still show up in the music player?

    5) If I make a change to a playlist on my PC, WMP will freeze and start skipping random files... the playlists get corrupt and I see problem #3 occur. Essentially, if I change a playlist, I have to wipe the Music and Playlist folder and re-sync from scratch.

    I would love some help on this!!!

  2. slaman

    slaman Member

    By the way, I have tried removing long-character filenames and wiping the cache as per this thread:

    MTP Application Crashing - xda-developers

    Noone else is experiencing problems??? Or is noone else synching using Windows Media Player?
  3. jay.m.stone

    jay.m.stone New Member

    I apparently download a Samsung program named Samsung Kies. a version will be installed on your phone when your asked to upgrade to Android 2.2. I was told that I shouldn't have downloaded the PC version yet because its not in use yet by Sprint yet and only European carriers that have released the 2.2 update to their customers. Last I read online was that we all should have the update by the end of November. screen shot of Kies [​IMG][​IMG]Picasa Web Albums - Jay Stone
    Though I don't think this will be a fix for syncing Windows media play and our phones, just an easier way of dragging and dropping, which I think still sucks.
  4. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    If you get desperate you could try one of the windows ports of rsync, which would address at least numbers 1 and 2.

    If you go that direction let us know and we'll try to help.

    #4 - Playlists appear to be copied into the Music app and stored in some inaccessible database. I longpress-delete them. It's annoying. There is an app out there that will delete orphaned playlists.
  5. slaman

    slaman Member

    I avoid Kies like the plague... and it doesn't allow you to drag and drop WMP playlists from what I understand
  6. slaman

    slaman Member

    I think the key for #1 and #2 is that I want WMP to be able to do the syncing... I've had a Motorola Milestone and an HTC Hero, both worked fine syncing mp3s and playlists with WMP... just doesn't work with the Samsung Galaxy S!

    As for #4 - I'd really like to find this .db and wipe it completely... it seems as though running media scanner again doesn't even fix the issue even if /music and /playlists are removed from the sd_card
  7. mwclark6

    mwclark6 Member

    I sync my music to my HTC Evo through music player and the only headache I have is the playlists do not sync. I manually copy them to my device and they work though. I use Winamp Player
  8. slaman

    slaman Member

    I do the same thing and it works with PlayerPro...

    stock player simply doesn't work.

    I've noticed that the .pla files that are supposed to be generated from the .wpl files are not being done consistently by the MTP Application
  9. Renton27

    Renton27 Member

    Are you saying you can play a playlist from your computer in Music Playerpro? I've been looking for a way to do this for ages, can you please post the details?

  10. slaman

    slaman Member

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  11. Renton27

    Renton27 Member

    That's awesome, thanks Slaman. After a bit of experimenting it seems m3u playlists work too, and they don't have to be in any particular folder (provided the media scanner can see them).

    Do you have a trick to triggering the Media Scanner? I cleared all scanned media (including photos and video) by going to:

    Settings > Manage Applications > Media Storage > Clear Data

    Then restarted the phone and opened the gallery to rescan but I'm sure there's an easier way. I expect the scanner is triggered when you unplug a USB data connection?

    Found an option to 'Refresh mediastore':

    Music Playerpro > Settings > Music library > Refresh mediastore

    But it doesn't seem to update the playlists tab. Maybe it just takes ages?
  12. mirnaphone

    mirnaphone New Member

    I connect the samsung galaxy s to my pc via the wire usb and I co not detect any hardware. How can I connect my samsung to my pc and download my phones from my sims card?
  13. mirnaphone

    mirnaphone New Member

    how can I connect my samsung galaxy s to my pc-I wire connect it but I do not see it on my computer
  14. Renton27

    Renton27 Member

    Hi mirnaphone,

    To transfer files to and from your computer, make sure your phone is set to the 'Disk Drive' connection type. You can do this from the notification bar (drag it down from the top of the screen) once your cable is connected, or you can change the default connection type in:

    Settings > Connect to PC > Default connection type

    It's likely your phone is set to 'USB charge only mode' which will not transfer any data to a connected computer.

    If that doesn't work, try a different cable and a different computer to make sure they aren't at fault. Failing that, I'd check your manual and call customer support.

    Transferring your contacts from your sim card is a bit more involved, I have an HTC phone which comes with sync software, if Samsung have something similar you can use this to either sync with an address book or download your contacts.

    If not, you might like to try syncing your contacts with gmail and downloading them from there.
  15. GPDADDY95

    GPDADDY95 New Member

    The only way I can get close is to literally copy my files from my PC to my micro SD. There's really no way to create good playlists from the PC and I have to do it from the EVO. You know, you'd think that someone would come up with software for Android/PC that would provide the same syncing capabilities that the Apple and Microsoft have done so well. I used to use a Zune and that was great. iTunes is popular because it works so well. When are the Android developers going to come up with a viable and convenient solution?
  16. Special K

    Special K Active Member

    How does this work when the paths to the files in the .wpl file will be based on their location on your PC and not your phone (i.e. they will be something like C:\My Music\<artist_name>\<album_name>\<song_title>.mp3, which won't be a valid path on the phone)? Does Android and/or PlayerPro automatically modify the .wpl file to make the file paths point to the files on the phone?

    I thought when you use the sync feature in windows media player it automatically makes those changes for you when it copies the .wpl file from the PC to the phone. If you manually copy the .wpl file over it seems like it wouldn't work once it was on the phone because all the file paths would be wrong.
  17. JPDeveau

    JPDeveau New Member

    Because WPL playlists dont work like that your thinking of M3U playlists. WPLs have Song title, Artist ect and a file hash. As long as the SAME file is in the phones media library it WILL work. I just sync the song with Windows Media 12 and dump the WPL in the playlist folder.
  18. Sumcrazyguy

    Sumcrazyguy New Member

    Use Meridian Player (best media player I've come across) to create a "playQ" playlist. this is an independent file as opposed to a database. there are a few steps involved but you can copy the "play Q" file (which has a .mpq extension) to your computer. this file can then be converted to a .m3u file fairly simply. Use Notepad++ to open the .mpq file.

    01. Delete all characters before the first instance of "localAudio id"
    02. Replace all (" /><) with (\r\n) without the parenthasis. \r\n moves the text to the next line, make sure to select extended mode
    03. replace all (LocalAudio id="/mnt/sdcard/Music/) with (D:\Music\) or wherever the music is
    04. replace (&amp;) with (&) - there seems to be an error with the & symbol
    05. delete "\Items><\PlayQ>" at the end

    Here is a link to the original post from where I got the information. I did have a different experience then what is shown here, but very useful:
  19. mhcg

    mhcg New Member

    I created an account just to post this. Usually I just lurk, but I've wanted to dump my ipod for a long time and now that I found a way to turn my phone into an iPod, I wanted to let others know.

    I was already using MediaMonkey with my iPod and when my iPod got lost/stolen (not sure where it went) I decided to really try to figure out a way to do it.

    Coincidentally, the newest version of mediamonkey (version 4.x) will do exactly what I wanted to do. I've been using it for a couple days now and it has so far synced flawlessly both podcasts and music and supposedly it can sync all your playlists as well. I don't really use playlists though so I can't say for sure on the last one.

    My only issue now, not mediamonkey's problem, is to figure out a way to get an android podcast player to update the "Play Counter" ID3 tag field so it can track which podcasts I've listened to already.
  20. kcinholas

    kcinholas New Member

    This is what I do:
    First you will need to check the root of your phone for 2 folders. One names "Music" and the other "Playlist". If not there then just create them.

    1. Sync WMP playlist with a flash drive or any way that will get you all of the songs on that playlist simple and fast.
    2. Copy all those songs to the "Music" folder on the root of your SD card.
    3. Select the Playlist on the side panel of WMP right clicking and select "open file location" and then copy that playlist file to the folder "Playlist" on your phones memory.

    You're done. Your playlist should be synced in the same order as on WMP and should show up on the default player of Android. I use a flash drive to store music for my car and I sync it once in a while so then you could just copy all those songs once synced to the flash drive and the new songs will appear and just click "don't copy repeated files", what you will mainly need to redo again is copy the Playlist FILE from WMP.

    Note: I have a Galaxy S and all this was done using the INTERNAL Memory and the DEFAULT Android Music Player. Not sure if it will work with external SD card but I don't see why not.
  21. nesakitty

    nesakitty New Member

    I also seem to have this same issue. I try to connect my android zeki tablet to my computer and it shows nothing. any ideas on how to sync my media music library to my tablet? and any idea on ways to get my computer to recognize where my tablet is?

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