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  1. StrykerDM

    StrykerDM New Member

    I finally got my microsoft exchange email at work to sync up with my phone. But it doesn't sync the contacts on my phone. Is there any way to do this, so that I have a copy of them on my exchange email account when I log in on my PC? I know there are several similar threads, but most of them were pretty old, so I wanted to ask again.

    I have the Sprint HTC Hero with the new 2.1 installed.

  2. r-sky

    r-sky Member

    I am still on "old" 1.5 and see that you are on the updated 2.2, so please understand that I am using the older version to sync my Exchange Contacts.

    Using the settings menu, I open "Data Synchronization" and then open "Exchange Activesync" to get to a window with four lines - Schedule, Mail, Contacts and Calendar. I have the "Contacts" box checked and all my Exchange Contacts are then synced and on my Hero.

    Hope this helps.
  3. StrykerDM

    StrykerDM New Member

    That menu has all the boxes checked. I tested it, and if I add a "test contact" to my exchange account via my PC, it will be transferred to my phone after syncing. My question was, is there a way to get the contacts from the phone to transfer to the exchange server during a sync? Or is it only a one way transfer (PC to phone)?
  4. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    You will be able to sync if they are of the same contact type, Google/Exchange/Phone. In this case the contact type must be Exchange. If they are of a different type then you can export your contacts and import into Outlook that also has the exchange account.
  5. lil goat

    lil goat Active Member

    Do you mean to sync them with Outlook, I would think your sys admin would block you syncing with exchange itself, mine does. I synced with my personal account Outlook client at home and then connected it to my work PC and it put them in my phone and the contacts in my Outlook personal address book, I have not tried to sync the Global Address Book, not sure I want to. I just dragged the addresses I needed to my contacts in Outlook and HTC sync put them on my phone. Phone, home and work PC now have the same contact lists. Is that what you want? I just used HTC sync.
  6. r-sky

    r-sky Member

    I'm sorry, I misunderstood the root of your question. Am I correct to assume that you want to add a contact on your phone, then have it downloaded to your Outlook contact files when your phone does a sync?

    When creating a new contact on your phone, there is a section called "Contact Type." On my phone, pressing the triangle gives me three options - Exchange, Google, Phone. Setting my contact type to Exchange will then transfer that information to Outlook Contacts on my computer when it syncs. Hope this helps.

    P.S. I am able to do this and not been blocked by my sys admin.
  7. lil goat

    lil goat Active Member

    Your Outlook contacts are not on the Exchange server (they are in a .pst file), or even a part of Exchange and in most places you can add whatever you want, if they were added to exchange everyone in the company could see them, I doubt you want that.
  8. ldsknight

    ldsknight New Member

    StrykerDM, I don't know if you go this solved yet, but I was struggling with the same issue and figured it out today.

    You need to go to contact settings and under new contacts you can check which synched accounts you want contacts created for when you create a new contact. Make sure your exchange server profile name is checked.

    When you create a contact now, it will automatically create both a phone contact and an exchange contact and then "link" them together so they synch and only show as one contact. When you look at the contact, look at liked profiles and it will show both the phone and exchange.

    BTW - I am using Andriod 2.2.
  9. oldschool

    oldschool New Member

    Do you mean in Outlook? I can't find anything close to that in my phone.

    This sounds like what I'm trying to do also.

    Thanks if anyone can help!
  10. Daniel_onpoint

    Daniel_onpoint New Member

    This is a good question. I have synced my phone with my Exchange account and all is working fine but when i want to search for a contact to send a text message it does not search against my Exchange account contacts. I read some where i have to copy my Exchange contacts to my phones contacts. This is possible but if i add a new Exchange contact it does not added to my phone. Is there a way to sync the phones local contact with my Exchange profile?

    The recommendations a both do not work as i don't have the option to sycn with Exchange profile as mentioned and there is no contact settings under New contact. The only contact settings is at the root of contacts but the only option is to sync with Sony Ericson or Google.
  11. Daniel_onpoint

    Daniel_onpoint New Member

    I figured out how to sync Exchange contacts with phone contacts.
    1. Open Work Email application
    2. Open All Contacts
    3. Click on the menu button on the phone
    4. Select "Copy to Phone" to copy contacts to local phone contacts
    5. After the copy completes open Work Email Application and click on the settings button.
    6. Select Advanced tab
    7. Scroll down and check the box "Update Contact changes to Phone"

    You can now make changes to contacts in "Work Email" application and will sync with the local phone book.
  12. greeny12m

    greeny12m New Member

    The easiest way is to export your phonebook to SD card and then import it - when asked which account you want to import to you can choose exchange. Once you have done that sync wit exchange and your phone contacts will now be on your online exchange account.

    been fretting over this all day. all fixed now.

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