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  1. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    How do I sync my Facebook contacts to my phone so that their picture will show up in the contacts list or when they call?

  2. breynolds007

    breynolds007 Well-Known Member

    Contacts-Display Options, select FB contacts.

    After, if you need to match people (with different names...e.g. Mom), go to the contact and choose join and pick their name.
  3. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    I tried that but it wouldn't pull the pic. Even after I refreshed the account and restarted the phone. :(
  4. breynolds007

    breynolds007 Well-Known Member

    They're seem to be 2 FB that comes on the phone and the one in the market. In accounts, I show FB twice, do you have both? I'm thinking the market app is the one that syncs contacts.
  5. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    I do have both and it still wasn't working. I downloaded sync my pic from the market and its fine now. I guy on another forum said that he is running ICS and it works fine just stock, but he was having the same problem on GB
  6. cdavid01

    cdavid01 Member

    I just downloaded sync my pix and it worked fine...the only ones that didn't update are ones that I had in my contact list under another name (i.e. Catherine vs. Cat). Thanks!
  7. mlharkless03

    mlharkless03 New Member

    I have another question. My daughter and I both have Razr HD. In her contacts she is able to see updates from her Facebook in her contacts under People next to their pictures. I can't get it on mine. Does anyone know how to make that function work?
  8. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why the pictures that sync from Facebook to my contacts look fro blurry? It's super blurry and I dont' know how to make the pictures look better! Any advice/suggestions?

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