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How To: Sync iTunes with Android

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  1. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Disagree. I can't stand Double Twist. I've got a media library of about 50 gb of music. Every single time I start Double Twist on my computer it scans my entire library of music and I have to wait for it to scan all of it before I can sync with my phone. I can configure it to not scan my media when I start up, but then if I add new albums, Double Twist never ever sees them until I start the scanning process and wait 30-45 mins while it scans all of my media from top to bottom. It's a real PITA.

    iTunes agent didn't work for me for whatever reason so I ended up going with TuneSync. It was ridiculously slow copying 20 GB of music over the air the first time, but after that it's worked very, very well for me. I can actually configure it (if I want) so I can sync with my home computer over 3G from anywhere in the world. I may set that up this weekend. That way I don't have to carry all my music around, but I still have it available to me.

  2. chris504

    chris504 Active Member

    buy 32gb microsd off ebay = fail, $100 32gb card from verizon = success!
    apparently my problem was a bad microsd, with the new memory card itunes agent works perfectly!
  3. dacbeth

    dacbeth Active Member

    I have this same problem??
  4. chris504

    chris504 Active Member

    Click create and it makes a file that identifies your device for iTunes Agent. That way every time you connect your phone, iTunes Agent will already recognize the device from the file it created on your sdcard. Then click Save and it should say something about saved new device.

    Edit: Just put the directory for Create in the root of your sdcard
  5. PDSax

    PDSax New Member

  6. Your_Mom

    Your_Mom New Member

    I found Motorola media link to work quite well.
  7. grace1st

    grace1st Member

    I've read thru your thread and I must say that it seems like I'm on another planet or something.

    I'm not seeing any "mount" windows on my Samsung Galaxy S, as I try to mount it to my MacBook. (don't see it mounted in the Finder either.)

    I have the lite version of isyncr installed onto the Galaxy too.
  8. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    Will this allow playback of music bought from the iTunes store, which as I understand is DRM protected?
  9. Meohme3

    Meohme3 New Member

    Whenever I try to install this, it works, but I cannot start the program, because my computer has errors, perhaps because I'm still stuck in the Windows XP era? Is there any other free way to do this for my HTC Aria?
  10. Thomas.Tallis

    Thomas.Tallis Member

    iTuneMyWalkman works with external SD cards as well? because I can't find the option to make it write to more than one folder in my phone.
    How do I do that?
  11. dacbeth

    dacbeth Active Member

    Doesn't the new HTC Sync 3 sync Itunes playlists?
  12. gbonato

    gbonato Active Member

    I've tried to use DoubleTwist, but it never found my iTunes library. It's a shame it was a promising app.

    Now I'm using iTunes Agent, as suggested above. It works pretty well. I recommend. It manages do create a folder among the playlists which is synced with my HTC Hero.
  13. gbonato

    gbonato Active Member

    It has and I tried that too! But HTC Sync was so buggy and unstable that I've quit and installed it.
  14. Gfrog101

    Gfrog101 Member

    I was having an issue with the program where when i tried to sync is would freeze, so i tries a couple others and had the same problem. Then i tried to drag and drop song directly into the card but that didnt work either, just froze my explorer.exe, anyone else have this problem? or know how to fix it? i tried reformatting the SD card in both windows (using an sd card reader) and in the phone with no luck
  15. Gfrog101

    Gfrog101 Member

    Update on the issue i was have before, i can only copy music onto the SD card if it is not in the evo. any help?
  16. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member

    My album art doesn't sync. o_O

    I really want that to sync. Why isn't it? HTC G2 Stock Firmwire. And I'm using the normal Music player and not the Gingerbread Music player, since that music player can't read iTunes music.

    The music syncs fine, but the album art doesn't sync. I'll try syncing again though.
  17. /Vitemar3

    /Vitemar3 New Member

    Hey guys, I just followed this instructional and all the songs i wanted downloaded flawlessly, but only some of my album artwork is there, and in my itunes i have album artwork for EVERY album i have... any idea what i need to do to fix that?
  18. trilojan

    trilojan New Member

    So, I put the songs onto the SD, now how do I play them? Doesn't my "Music Player" (Samsung Fascinate) know where to look?

    Edit: Oops, you mean you have to actually click synchronize? Duh.
  19. sethm1

    sethm1 Well-Known Member

    Double TWist also did not sync all my pod casts.

    I'd like to try iTunes agent - but what App do I need for my Droid?
    I did a search in the Mkt Place and there is no iTunes Agent App.
  20. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    I have used iTunesAgent in the past and it worked great... Now I using mspot, but that is because I don't care about moving all my music onto my phone, just a subset that fits within the free space given by mspot. I am also not picky about the quality of the songs, so on mspot I use the medium quality setting and can fit a good bit more.
  21. ssweet97

    ssweet97 Active Member

    Is itunesagent better than tunesync? Tunesync only allows 20 songs in the library. How many songs does ituneagent allow?
  22. ssweet97

    ssweet97 Active Member

    How do you create a folder on your SD card? Please explain.......
  23. ssweet97

    ssweet97 Active Member

    Somebody needs to explain this BS to me, now the device shows up under devices in itunes but now when I sync to the phone it say's on my music app that no music is found. What am I doing wrong? Very frustrated.
  24. cristine_htc

    cristine_htc New Member

    This helped me alot, thank you!
  25. FulciLives

    FulciLives Well-Known Member

    I was confused at first until I played around some.

    I'll try to explain.

    Under Play Lists (in iTunes) it makes a folder called, "My Devices" and then under that it makes a Play List called ... whatever. In my case it made a Play List called, "Android" (see image below)


    Now in order to sync music or podcasts etc. you MUST copy them into that Play List (in my case the one called "Android") for it is only stuff in THAT singular Play List that will sync.

    A word to the wise. If you want albums to stay together, especially albums with 'Various Artsits' then I suggest the following "trick" which worked for me.

    Click on the album cover in iTunes (do this before you add it to the Play List). Sorry when I say click on it I mean do a 'right click' which brings up a menu. On that menu select the option called, "Get Info"

    Oh I guess now is a good time to say I'm using Windows (not Mac) and I use Grid view (Albums) which shows a thumbnail of each album.

    So OK we click on "Get Info" and this brings up a dialog window. The window looks like this:


    The default is that everything on this screen is set to "No" and there are no checkmarks. So basically you want to change it as I have here. By doing this you ensure that the album stays "together" and is in a single folder (once it gets to your Android). Even if you put multiple albums on this one Play List, each will be in it's own folder and therefore "together" once it gets to the Android.

    But there is one last thing you need to do to make sure this all works (and and after you make the change above make sure you click that OK in the lower right hand corner).

    The last thing you need to have set "just right" is the setting in iTunes Agent called, "Synchronize Pattern"

    Make sure that is set to "iTunes" and not one of the other two choices.

    Do all this and everything will copy to your Android in a fashion that makes sense. Otherwise it kinda splits stuff up into Artist folders and it can get real ugly. Makes it impossible to play an album back that way.

    Hope this helps.
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