How To: Sync iTunes with Android

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  1. zeeber777

    zeeber777 New Member

    If you unmount the SD card, and make a folder on the SD card called Music, You should just be able to drag the music straight from itunes with album art and everything. Or to make things easier make a playlist in itunes with all the music you want and drag and drop the entire playlist. Works for my evo and fascinate and the media player automatically picks it up.
    Now does anyone know a media player for android that will sync playlists from itunes. I have a lot of music and a lot of playlists and its a pain trying to recreate all those playlists on the phone.

  2. zeeber777

    zeeber777 New Member

    I just found a thread already containing my problem couldn't find it earlier sorry for the double post.
  3. coolcatmom

    coolcatmom Member

    This is how I do this with my Galaxy S. Super easy and probably will work with other devices but I have not tried.

    You can do this without installing any special apps.

    Mount your phone using "Mass Storage"
    Open Library (assuming you are using Win7).
    Open your Music library and select Itunes
    Go to Itunes Media then select music (this is the file where your Itunes songs are)
    right click on the file and select "Send to"
    then select your device from the list it opens.

    No worries. This option is as easy as mounting your phone as a music player and using WMP to put the files on your phone BUT the big difference is that this will also send the cover art from the album.
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  4. That's great! Thank you! But I don't like iTunes, it wastes my memory so much.
  5. coolcatmom

    coolcatmom Member

    Bruce are you having a problem with Itunes media wasting your phone memory? I hate it on my PC because it is a memory hog. Haven't had any problems with playing them on the phone though.

    You can use the same drag and drop option for other media files. Just choose the file where your song is stored instead of selecting Itunes.
  6. Many thanks, This really help. :)
  7. Alucius1978

    Alucius1978 New Member

    I tried this and it copied most of my music over but there are some protected files it won't or let me transfer over. Any advice? I have an HTC Thunderbolt
  8. Famous Mortimer

    Famous Mortimer Active Member

    I say get MediaMonkey instead. It looks virtually identical, has cooler features and plays FLACs, OGGs, etc.
  9. ItWorker

    ItWorker New Member

    After following the instructions for filling in the Configuration, I attempt to perform the sync. It says my Music folder is on my C drive. I attempted to type in the correct drive letter (G:\) and then it said my Music folder is on my C:G:\ drive. Can't continue. I'm trying to sync an HTC Thunderbolt
  10. Cashie

    Cashie New Member

    Thanks so much for this. Currently synching now.
    I've been switching between WinAmp, doubleTwist, Songbird, etc. trying to sort-of replace my iPod and use my iTunes settings.

    Expecting good things.... I only want a song-shuffle setup now
  11. newfiewaterboy

    newfiewaterboy New Member

    Great info, I am new to the Andriod/Smartphone market...I am all set to transfer my songs over to My new Atrix. When I plug the USB into the computer, it chrges but nowhere on the computer Does it read the usb, or any evidence that the Atrix is even attached! Can anyone help with this???? Thank you very much!
  12. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    The easiest way to sync music between itunes with android is with Google Music Beta, automatically syncs itunes to your music in the cloud, including playlist.
  13. lmmorte

    lmmorte New Member

    I have a Mac and cannot seem to get the music files on my phone for the life of me. I have downloaded the program and I tried to sync but maybe its not the right format...?...Maybe a different folder...? I am Android illiterate...but all my music is itunes.... anyone???? I grew a third arm now that I have a Droid...can't put it down but I miss my music! arggg :eek:
  14. iron mongoose

    iron mongoose Active Member

    ok im going to be a noob to the nth power how do i make a file on my SD card that says music i know im dumb these newfangled gadgets are just eluding my understanding a lot of the times sorry for the noob question
  15. Mutt117

    Mutt117 New Member

    (I have the Droid Charge)OK I did everything by the book and it wants to sync to my c drive no matter where I map it to on my phone. Why?
  16. gs2rocks

    gs2rocks New Member

    Hi people,

    I'm already using iTunes agent, and it works great, but only one way!! So I want to have ratings and play count synced both ways so that my galaxy s2 will be really like an iPod.
    I'm considering these apps, but some say it worked some say not. What'S your opinion?
    iSyncr + Player Pro (very expensive combination!)
    Doubletwist airsync
  17. pigboy

    pigboy New Member

    Ok followed the sync process no problem. Can see all the music on my device within itunes, cover artwork artist etc. On my Galaxy S2 the music files are there and play fine, but no artist listed and no cover art. Tracks listed ok though, any ideas?

    + is there a prefferred media player to be playing them with have double twist (free) and standard music player and both same issue?
  18. pigboy

    pigboy New Member

    Sorted by downloading MediaFix for the track listing and Cover Art Downloader for the artwork. Apparantly due to mismatch in database fields.
  19. aklbeach

    aklbeach Member

    I used I sync and it worked great on the atrix. It will also sync your playlists which is nice
  20. oxford

    oxford New Member

    I've still got problems with the files... a lot of them have unknown artists. Every song in the Itunes playlist has all the information, even down to the composer, but it doesn't show up this way on my Galaxy S. Help anyone?
  21. jentimus

    jentimus New Member

    I love sountrack albums and have looked around unsuccessfully for a way to get them to stay in one list -- thank you for this tip!
  22. BinFrog

    BinFrog New Member

    This is the problem I am having on a Droid 3.
  23. SpiralFire

    SpiralFire Member

    This simplifies a lot, thanks for making the effort!
  24. lpisarski

    lpisarski New Member

    I'm a bit confused. I downloaded itunes agent. Where do I go and how do I mount it as a hard drive?

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