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How to Sync Outlook Notes into Droid?Support

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  1. vpr80

    vpr80 New Member

    I keep lots of notes on my phone so I backed them up from my BB into Outlook Notes and downloaded ColorNote for the Droid, but how the hell do I download the notes from Outlook and onto the Droid?


  2. Pkooistra

    Pkooistra New Member

    Did you find an answer to this?
  3. vpr80

    vpr80 New Member

    nope...no clue
  4. bruceo

    bruceo Well-Known Member

    i use gsyncit to sync my outlook calendars, contacts and notes to google then the free app called gdocs notepad. make a folder called outlook on your google docs use gsyncit to sync to that folder and gdocs to sync to the same folder. Works great.
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  5. Hankles

    Hankles New Member

    I'm new to the Droid and basically use Gmail just for mail. Could get a little more detailed in this procedure. Would be much appreciated.


  6. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    If you want to do what Bruceo refers to, google "gsyncit" and download and install the app. Configure it to sync your outlook stuff (notes, in this case) to your google account - google provides a "google docs" service on your account where you can store documents.

    Then get the Android app "gdocs" installed on your phone, and it will be able to view/download those documents.

    I'd help you more, but when I tried gsyncit I had some issues with it so I never got as far as using it to sync Outlook notes - in fact never noticed that it had that capability...

    Another (simpler) method, which will work if you just want access to some documents/notes from your Droid and they don't need to be sycn'd automatically from Outlook:

    - Export your Outlook notes to a CSV file
    - Install OI Notes, OI CSV, and OI file browser
    - Copy the CSV file to your SD card
    - Run OI Notes and import the CSV - voila, all your notes on your BB


    - Export Notes from outlook to text files
    - Upload text files to google docs (from your browser Google Docs provides an upload option)
    - Install and run GDocs on your BB - voila, all your notes on your BB

    I'm using the latter solution...works best for me as I don't change my Outlook notes very often, so I don't really need a full sync solution.
  7. dean.collins

    dean.collins Member

    Yeh most people need this on a daily basis - weird how no one has written an app to do this.
  8. MBBarch

    MBBarch New Member

    Wait, the original question was how to download notes to droid, not blackberry... I am having the same problem. Is there a Google Notes app that I could just transfer my notes from Outlook as "text" to and then update from there??
  9. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Right. And that's what the responses were about. The only person that mentioned a BB was the OP. Did you bother to read the thread?
  10. dcnhusker

    dcnhusker New Member

    I installed gsyncit, configured to sync everything, then gdocs, and my notes just appear in the gdocs app. Nice.
  11. dlozada

    dlozada New Member

    How do you transfer notes frm outlook to a motorola droid phone? Or from a blackberry to a motorola droid phone?
  12. redwoods7

    redwoods7 Member

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  13. cutter01

    cutter01 New Member

    After spending an entire morning try to figure out how to move my notes from outlook to my droid I found it impossible using all the trick I know, that is until I came across nitronotes. Once I found this program and installed it on my droid it took less then 1 minute and I had all my notes correctly listed without any errors. Fantastic job to the creators of this program. I have not tried synchronizing back to outlook yet so I can't say how that works.
    Please keep in mind that I was unable to find this program in the market I found it on the website downloaded to my computer then transferred it to my droid x and ran the install from my card.
    Thank you Nitronotes
  14. sam007

    sam007 Well-Known Member

    i wish nitronotes syncd over the air
  15. ladyred1101

    ladyred1101 Member

    Nitronotes worked so easy and painless!! Thank a million!!!:D
  16. mikeyl101

    mikeyl101 Member

    nitronotes transfered perfectly, but I don't think i can edit the notes at all- It seems I can create new notes, but can edit them at all. does this seem right?
  17. xSe7eNx

    xSe7eNx New Member

    VCOrganizer at Appbrain works perfectly for syncing notes and tasks.
    Its under $4.00 Below is my review of it on Appbrain..

    Everyone is looking for an app to sync Outlook Notes and this one works. I have Outlook on my work PC. I installed the free sync piece on my work PC. I connected to our work WiFi and then connected to our VPN. On the VCOrganizer application on my Droid Incredible I put in my IP address and it sync's right up. DejaOffice is 40.00 and I got my notes to sync for 4.00. Props to the guys that made VCOrganizer available.
  18. Troden

    Troden New Member

    Thanks Nitronotes worked a treat and it was free
  19. merlbu815

    merlbu815 New Member

    I am using Outlook on my laptop, I needed my Droid to share my calendar and contacts. I found "CompanionLink" for Outlook. This program allows you to sync via USB, Google, and or Local WiFi... It also has auto schedule. It works perfectly.
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  20. alj10

    alj10 New Member

    i've been following the thread about syncing to outlook. I've just downloaded gsyncit to try to get everything syncing wiht one program. I managed to get almost everything (calendar, contacts, notes) with free applications, but it is really annoying to have each go through a different program and different connection to get each element.

    a few questions:
    what is the best droid app for accessing gdocs?
    how do i access tasks after syncing?
  21. shihalud

    shihalud New Member

    NitroNotes would not sync until I disconnected and created a new note on my phone (HTC EVO) and then re-ran Notes and it synced perfectly.
  22. kcyong33

    kcyong33 New Member

    I just started to use y'day. I found by mistake that it can be edited--just press n hold the notes b4 opening them, then u get option to edit or delete.
    I'm v happy using NitroNotes now as I've been looking for an app to convert notes for 1.5 mths since i bought the Galaxy s.
    Another thing: i find the calendar function is not flexible
    as it cant set recurring appointment for fortnightly period. Any suggestion anyone?

  23. jwiltse

    jwiltse Member

    I just downloaded NoteSync from notesync.com and that works perfectly for 2-way, wireless, instantaneous syncing of notes between my desktop and droid. I just copied and pasted my Outlook notes over into the NoteSync desktop app and they sync perfectly w/ GDocs. No lag time at all and no need for me to do anything. Anytime I change a note on either desktop or phone, it changes on the other instantly. Free to try, but I'm spending the $4 to buy it. And no, I don't get any kick-backs from the developer -- just another droid user looking to replace all the functionality of my old BB (plus enjoy all the new goodies -- I'm LOVING my HTC Incredible!).
  24. dnkoster

    dnkoster New Member

    It is now about to be 2011 and I was wondering if anyone has any updates on specific solution for syncing Outlook notes to the droid. As a former BB user, I was SPOILED by the incredible sync between my device and Outlook... what is the current state of technology on this simple requirement???
  25. doniago

    doniago Well-Known Member

    Gsyncit on the Desktop, Gdocs on the phone.

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