How to sync sim contacts to phone?

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  1. ninjya

    ninjya New Member

    so i have all the numbers on my sim, how do i sync the numbers into my phone contacts.

    For instance, when i search for a name it will show up, but the little icon is from the sim. I tried to too for a import/export sim data but i couldn't find it under settings.

  2. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you mean. Shouldn't your SIM contacts show up under your contacts?

    Do you mean that you have 2 contacts for someone? Like, you have a phone contact and a SIM contact for the same person? You should be able to link contacts together - theres a link button in the top right when you view a contact.

    Or, are you not seeing your SIM contacts when you open the contacts app? If thats so, press the menu key while in contacts and choose 'View' and make sure "SIM" is checked.
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  3. ninjya

    ninjya New Member

    Hey sorry if I was unclear, but your last paragraph solved my problem. Thank you!!!

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