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How to synchronize subscription based read only calendars i.e. "Contact's birthdays and events"

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  1. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member

    If one fill in birthday data to their contacts in Gmail one can subscribe View only calendar called "Contact's birthdays and events"

    As well there are other usefull calendars one can subscribe like Holidays for particular country.

    My question is how to synchronize this subscription based calendars :confused:
    They do not show up on my Android phone so I can not choose them to include them in sync process.




  2. Thats a bug with android and the google calendar. You currently cannot sync subscription based calendars to the phone. The only workaround, is instead of adding the link to the calendar, add the actual .ics file. THen it should allow you to sync.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Really? I'm looking at my google calendar right now on my EVO 4G. I can see US holidays and Birthdays.
  4. Yes, those are there by default. I'm talking about adding extra calendars, like sports calendars and such.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I misunderstood and I didn't know that. :eek:
  6. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member

    You are lucky! I don't see Holidays and Birthdays :confused:

    Where should I put the ics file ?
    Please, please advice as this issue drives me mad, I'm not that stupid blonde :eek:

    Kindet regards

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    OK maybe I didn't misunderstand your initial post.

    Can you see all Birthday and Holiday calendar entries on your desktop/laptop?

    Have you done a battery pull?
  8. Login to gmail on the computer, on the left column where you see your calendars, hit Add Calendar.
  9. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member

    Thanks KENNECTED for your suggestions,

    I can see 'Other calendars" on my Computer, as you can see it in screenshots I have attached in initial post.
    The problem is I don't now how to force bloody device (my Galaxy S) to see them to.

    I am able to add additional calendars (non subscription based/ created by myself) under section
    My Calendars and they do appear on phone immediately without any problem

    The problem is with Other Calendars like Birthday calendar and Holidays calendar which doesn't wont to appear on phone (I don't see them and have no option to check them to sync) :mad:

    I'm starting to be desperate as I have all Birthdays details attached to Contacts and I'm not keen to manually create birthdays events in one of calendars under My Calendars

    I have tried following things too:

    I have tried Soft Reset (Volume + Power Button) without luck :mad:
    I tried a few things such as removing the calendars syncing / refresh then adding them back without success.
    Pulling the Battery as was suggested in this thread.
    I finally go it working by go into Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> All and froced stoped the list of items and deleted any data where it let me.

    Calendar Storage
    Calendar Sync Adapter
    Calendar Widget

    Till now NO LUCK
  10. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member

  11. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    Here's one way to do this:

    A simpler way that the above is to just add the calendar by URL that MLB gives you. This did not work in the past, but it does now :)

    Hope this helps.
  12. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member


    Your solution works with Calendars you can actually import (like MLB in your example)
    It does not work with Birthdays Calendar.

    Try this:
    Under Other Calendars click Add -> Add by URL than Cut/Paste link below:

    This will creat Your Birthdays Calendar (if you have birthday details filled in your Contacts, you'll be able to see it in this Calendar) The only proble is I don't know how to sync it with phone :(
  13. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member


    Which calendar are you trying to use? I have several calendars under Other Calendars that I added to Google Calendar via URL that display on my phone (since I wrote the above post, I found a way to put the MLB schedules up by URL instead of by importing the .ics file).

    Does the standard Contact's Birthdays and Events calendar not work for you?
  14. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member


    I am trying to use standard Contact's Birthdays and Events Calendar.
    It does not show up on my phone.
  15. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    I'd try two things.

    1). If that's not a stock ROM you are running, re-flash the stock ROM to see if that calendar works.

    2). If it does, you know the problem, if it doesn't, try deleting the Calendar data and re-synching.
  16. iwciakk

    iwciakk Member

    It is a stock ROM.

    I have already tried go into Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> All and froced stoped the list of items and deleted any data where it let me.

    Calendar Storage
    Calendar Sync Adapter
    Calendar Widget
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  17. iwciakk,

    Did you ever get this solved? I think I have been having the same problem, but all the 'solutions' here seem very complex. In my 'desktop' Gmail contacts, I have dozens if not hundreds of birthdays, anniversaries. These all show up in the 'desktop' Google Calendar. However, only ones that were entered before one of the recent Droid system updates show up on my Droid X Calendar. And though I can see birthdays and anniversaries on my Droid X Contacts, I cannot edit them.

    Grateful D

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