How to take a picture of your screen?

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  1. Rated

    Rated Well-Known Member

    is there a way to screen shot images? Like a.iphone

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

  3. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    For rooted devices you download an app from the market.
  4. sprfreak

    sprfreak New Member

    The quick way to take a screenshot of an Android phone is to hold down the power button and radio the home button at the same time.
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  5. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    App- No root ScreenshotIt
  6. UssjTrunks

    UssjTrunks Well-Known Member

    That only works on some phones.
  7. UssjTrunks

    UssjTrunks Well-Known Member

    No need. The SDK method is the same, with the only difference being that your phone has to be plugged into your computer (but you have to do that anyway with ScreenShotIt every time you reboot your device), and it's free!
  8. Pepe7698

    Pepe7698 Well-Known Member

    It really depends on the phone. What model are you using?
  9. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I know not many of us are using ICS yet, but it is standard in 4.0. You press power and volume down and hold for about a second. You can even take screenshots of your lock screen.
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  10. badbabas

    badbabas New Member

    i have an Android T-mobile G1 how can i take picture of my screen on it?
  11. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    That is a difference though. You have to be plugged in to your PC with SDK. You dont have to be with screenshotIt.
  12. whyteb0y

    whyteb0y Member

    This worked on my LG Thrill... thanks!
  13. sevenmad

    sevenmad Member

    Yup this worked for me too! Using a Galaxy Wonder; just in case there is someone like me who knows almost nothing :D, the picture is saved in gallery, under screen shots...
  14. monsieurms

    monsieurms Member

    Worked for me with Sensation 4g and ICS. Thanks.
  15. agroom

    agroom Active Member

    What do you mean by "radio the home button?"
  16. Reactant

    Reactant Member

    For Samsung S2 all i do is hold Home and press the power button once and bam screen shot.

    Summary: Hold Home + click power button
  17. BeckySioux

    BeckySioux New Member

    It worked for my HTC one that I got yesterday!
    Held down the power button and tapped the home button.
  18. kindle96

    kindle96 New Member

    this works on iphone 4s thanks a lot! How did you figure this out???
  19. NYChris

    NYChris New Member

    I just did a screen capture on my Kyocera Hydro -- by accident. Now I'm trying to figure out what I did. I believe it involved the power button, but none of the above suggestions works. (I don't have any app for this installed.) I've been trying all sorts of random stuff but so far no luck. (Can't believe this isn't documented anywhere, not even in the obsessively detailed 189 page user guide for this phone.) Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
  20. NYChris

    NYChris New Member

    Oops, sorry. I didn't read carefully above. (Of course, the one post I didn't read was the one that worked for me.) Ignore the above! Thanks!
  21. 22618047

    22618047 New Member

    I am 80 so please bear with me. I have a Samsung GT-S5830i. In my gallery is a photo which appears to have got on to the phone from an email. I want to delete that picture from the phone "gallery" but every time I select the picture, the "delete" instruction vanishes and as a result the picture remains. any ideas please, I took the phone into O2 but they could not suss out how to get rid of the picture. kindest regards Jeff P
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  22. Tiffany01

    Tiffany01 Well-Known Member

    I hold the power botton and home botton at the same time. On my G Stellar.
  23. Thatdad

    Thatdad Well-Known Member

    Do you happen to know what version of android you are running?
  24. 22618047

    22618047 New Member

    Hi ss1992. The version of Android is 2.3.6 Hope this helps. Jeff P
  25. jazzpiano

    jazzpiano New Member

    I have a ROOTED UMI X2 running Android 4.2.1. None of the key press methods of screenshot do anything. I downloaded a few apps all of which work but they do something strange: they take a screenshot of some previously visited screen and not the one I am sat on when the shot is taken.

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