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  1. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    Hey all,

    Yesterday I managed to take a screenshot on my HTC ChaCha although I've no idea how I done it. I was mucking around with it when I heard the camera flash, checked the gallery and there was a picture of my home screen.

    I've googled this but no-one seems to know how to take screenshots, they all talk about programs that need downloading in order to do it. I don't have any of these programs so i'm stumped as to how I managed to do it.

    Anyone else know?


    p.s as much as i'm loving this phone, it's ridiculous trying to find help and how to's on it, even the HTC support is pants! What happened to getting a manual with the phone, hmm, back in the day :p

  2. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    I've just spoken to the online support team and they're adamant the phone doesn't support this feature. I have no idea how I managed to get a screenshot now. It's extremely frustrating. Also, why doesn't this phone support this feature?? Smartphones that have come in way before that can do it.
  3. Reaper007

    Reaper007 New Member

    i know what you mean, i got one yesterday, im pretty good and picking up stuff with phones but this one just dont seem to have anything with it help wise lol, id like to hear from you if you manage to find out how you got the screenshot done, and ill message back on here if i find out how, there is a way at the moment but it involves changing files on your phone and i dont think im ready for that yet, not for screenshots anyway, im hoping a root comes out soon so i can install all my apps on the memory card
  4. beni

    beni New Member

    same happened to me! :) I suddenly created a screenshot and didn't know how.

    This is how it works:

    Hold the red button (disconnect/cancel) and press the Home key.

    It must be a feature built in by HTC. I was looking for this feature on my other Android phones since the beginning. And there was no solution without rooting the phone.

    This phone (HTC cha cha) shows how easy it could be done!
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  5. Qpalism

    Qpalism New Member

  6. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Wow easy peasy!!thanks for that beni, although i'm not sure what i would use it for lol
  7. chrison87

    chrison87 New Member

    Another way to take the screen shot is, press the power button, and click on the home screen.
  8. cellocean

    cellocean New Member

  9. cellocean

    cellocean New Member

    Hi please send me some links of thunderbolt.
  10. Azu Elf

    Azu Elf New Member

    Oh wow thanks people!!
  11. MollieW

    MollieW New Member

    I have the android galaxy. The same thing happened to me with the random screen shots. I finally figured it out! You push the "back" button and then the power button. Then to get out of it'tap the back botton again. Hopefully this helps :)
  12. mijzarolaga

    mijzarolaga New Member

    Press the power button then touch the menu upper in the green button answering calls

    Okey okey.

    Power switch button + menu = screen shot (HTC Cha Cha)
  13. mijzarolaga

    mijzarolaga New Member

    Press the power/switch button then press the menu in the upper of green button or answering the phonecalls.

    Power button + menu = screenshot

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