How to tell which GW620 I have

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  1. mikewood

    mikewood Member

    Hi there,

    I recently bought a GW620 while down in the USA on a work trip (my current phone broke). At the store I put my Bell Canada SIM into the phone and everything worked I had SMS in/out, phone in/out, and data service. I had a few days to really enjoy the phone roaming on AT&T and then came back home to Canada on Thursday I suddenly had no service.

    I do remember at one point exploring the various menus of the phone and seeing some options to select frequency bands. I was on my way to the airport and don't quite remember what I did to get to the menu, but could I have changed what freq it runs on? From what I've read Bell in Canada requires 850/1900 for HSPDA and does not have a 3g network, so unless I can get the phone talking on those channels I think I'm screwed.

    The phone is now running Boot 2.2 / System 6.0rc6 from OpenEtna, and V10H_00 as the main bootloader from LG, but I'll take any firmware that lets me get this working in Canada.

    Does anyone know how I could find out which radio or frequency my phone is using? Is this something I can change? Am I just a big idiot? Stay tuned for the (hopefully) exciting conclusion where someone tells me the simple way to fix this!


  2. latmark80

    latmark80 New Member

    Hey mikewood I have the same problem as you but on a totally different location, Today I just thought of putting V10G_00 instead of V10H_00 I read there is a difference in 900/850mhz. I will try it tonight and I will let you know if that one gets me out of my stuckness...
  3. mikewood

    mikewood Member

    How did this turn out for you?
  4. henriquemail

    henriquemail New Member

    Hello, I had a very similar problem with my GW620 and it uses the original version of Android 1.5 . It was working but since I moved to other city it displays the message "No service" and the option "Search networks" does not work! What can I do??
  5. mikewood

    mikewood Member


    Unfortunately I'm not sure what you can do, my solution was to sell the phone to a friend on a different provider who could get service. I tried several different baseband radio firmwares, and a bunch of firmwares (official and not) and got nothing. I could always get the phone back if someone some how figured out how to make it work but I just had work ship me a new windows phone 7.

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