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How to Tether A70 with Android tablet (iBerry))Support

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  1. a70

    a70 Active Member

    Hi Friends,

    I have MM A70 (rooted).

    And have purchased iberry AXUS 01 last week.

    I connected mobile to tablet via USB. But it is not detected by Tablet.

    Now, Is there any way to :

    a) USB tethering from mobile to tablet (to use 2G/3G data on tablet)
    b) Connect each other (for file transfer)

    I am able to use wifi hot spot, buit need usb tethering between two.

    Thank you a lot for your help.....

  2. TheParadox

    TheParadox Well-Known Member

    No way . -.- , How can an Android device have the drivers for another android device? :?
  3. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Why do u need a usb cable ??
    i mean it simply does not make any sense :p
    You can use the wifi tethering :D

    And for the file transfer, you can use the Wifi transfer from app " File Expert "

    Also ,Bluetooth helps :p ..
    If that was'nt enough , just tether and install FTP or SMB shares on the devices and you will have ur works done :)

    Though this is possible if the other device supports USB host ;) ??
    but surely does not make any sense :D
  4. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    USB host is for USB mounting and all.
    AFAIK, it ain't for tethering either.
  5. a70

    a70 Active Member

    Dear Ninadchoudhari,

    All ur thoughts are excellant.

    1. USB cable make smooth and seamless connection (Less battery consumptio as well, both phone+tablet)

    2. File transfer (I need a working connection again, was thinking of some offline solution)
    3. Most of the tablets don't have bluetooth, so does mine.
    4. for FTP u need a connection again...

    Questions asked by me are my curosity... and yes...why there are smileys with your all lines (Unable to co relate)
  6. a70

    a70 Active Member

    thats possible dude..
  7. TheParadox

    TheParadox Well-Known Member

    @akshaybz : Thank you! :)
    @A70 : Nope. Thats not do-able :/ Do a google search.
  8. Lohit shetty

    Lohit shetty Well-Known Member

    I think your and paradox phone setting is corrupted :D please see the setting correctly. go to settings/Wireless and Networks/Tethering and protable hotspot/usb tethering, now connect to your pc with usb cable and tick usb tethering you can share your mobile data network with pc or tab if tab is from made in china I can't say it will work or not.
    Note: use usb debbuging to connect to pc
  9. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Never knew I had this in my phone.
    I wasted my 1 year.
    thanks for opening my eyes ;:eek:
  10. Lohit shetty

    Lohit shetty Well-Known Member

    hey man don't take my word's seriously I am just kidding :) sorry but their is any mistake in settings to understand some new bee just want to clear it that's it... :)

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