How to track phone via serial number?

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  1. ben2608

    ben2608 New Member

    Hello, my phone was recently stolen :mad: :( and I would like to know if I may track it down via serial number.
    Please help, Thank you! :)

  2. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    Were you using the included tools....?

    * T-mobile My Device
    * Lookout Security

    More info that might help ... Was it unlocked? Rooted? Alternate ROM? Have contacted your carrier and told them the IMEI of the phone?
  3. ben2608

    ben2608 New Member

    i did have lookout and tmobile my device but i haven't contacted my carrier yet, no it was not unlocked or rooted.
  4. ben2608

    ben2608 New Member

    i have contacted them but they said i can't replace bcuz i have prepaid

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