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How to track what app is sending text messages?

  1. pgmrdlm

    pgmrdlm Member

    I was trying to track down a specific text message due to it being harassing when I went online to my carrier and went through the history there. What I seen is there is an app someplace, somewhere. Sending a text message on the hour, every hour.

    Is there a way to track down what is doing this? If I have to root the phone, I have been thinking of doing that anyway to use some of the advanced features of Avast security software.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    You might try this app..?
    Add Ons Detector

    That's worked for me in the past. Let us know what you find. Good luck!

    And Welcome to Android Forums Dan!
  3. pgmrdlm

    pgmrdlm Member

    im going to root this sucker and use the avast firewall features to shut down all text messages. out going, then do one by one allows. hopefully there is a log feature with their firwwall.

    i'll find the culpret
  4. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Well-Known Member

  5. pgmrdlm

    pgmrdlm Member

    I was looking at the various options of avast when I seen it had a sms filter. I started looking at it, then got into the settings. Found that I had it checked to have avast send pogram status reports every 60 minutes. Lol, I was going to use avast to shut down the sending of reports when it was the guilty party.

    Thank you for the help everyone.

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