How to transfer apps from computer to phone?

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  1. amandastegmanhughes

    amandastegmanhughes New Member

    I have some apps from a friend that I want to transfer from my computer to my google mytouch. How do I go about this? I know how to connect and mount my phone to my computer, but when it brings up the window for my SD card, there is no folder called "applications" or anything like that. Where do I drop the apps so that I can access them on my phone?

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  2. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    if you havnt already, go to the market and download appsinstaller (your phone needs this app to install the apps from the sd card).....once phone is mounted, move the apps into the sd card directory, no folder is needed....once moved unmount phone and open appsinstaller, it will automatically search sd card for your apps and it will install them too....hope this helps
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  3. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Astro will install apps, as well as being a pretty darn good file browser. With Astro, once you have the *.apk on your sdcard, just navigate to it, click on it, and select Apps Manager.
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  4. Farii

    Farii New Member

    Hey I just got an HTC wildfire, and im so so soo very lost. I dont have wifi here nor 3G i previously downloaded apps to my PC then to my nokia phone, but i dont know how to do it with HTC, it'd be so kind if you could give me a walk through on how to do it, please?
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  5. paulpaul332

    paulpaul332 New Member

    where do i fing sd card directory on sony erricson experia x8?
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