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  1. Aztec12

    Aztec12 Member

    Sorry I'm new at the android OS. How do you Transfer app to sd card?
    I been looking at settings but havent figured how to do it.

  2. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    I use the app from the marketplace Apps 2 SD free, there's a paid version, but the free one works for me. When I download any app, if it's able to be moved to the SD card, then the Apps to SD notifies me that it can be moved and then a couple of clicks later it's moved.
  3. hbimajorv

    hbimajorv Well-Known Member

    if you go to settings/applications/ manage applications u will see tabs at the top that should say downloaded running all and somethin else. pick all. go to indivisual apps and select them. if the app is able to be transfered to the sd card there will be an option for it i belive in the second box?
  4. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    hbimajorv is correct no need to download an app to do this.
    Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications
  5. Aztec12

    Aztec12 Member

    Will do, thanks a lot . I'm really enjoying this little phone
  6. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    The reason I downloaded the app was because it will scan the phone and let you know which ones you can transfer to the card, so you don't have to go through each and every individual app one by one. Also, when you download a new app, the App 2 SD app will let you know if you can move it the sd card as soon as it downloads, so you don't have to think about moving the app later.
  7. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    Seems like a waste of time and memory to get the "app to SD" app. You can do it yourself by going under manage apps in the settings and simply scroll through and send them to SD if it can. Doesn't take that long considering I doubt anyone has a TON of apps to scroll through since the Optimus S has a low memory for apps.
  8. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I've done the settings/applications/ manage applications thing, and they "appeared" to move, but SD memory did not go down. I see all moved apps on internal in /mnt/sdcard
    Do I need any other settings set differently to get them to actually move?
  9. Ma}{imus

    Ma}{imus Well-Known Member

    Except for the fact that it tells you on one screen which apps are sd enabled and you can access them from that screen instead of opening each individual app in the native manager. If you have a lot of apps the native manager is cumbersome.
  10. BudDroid

    BudDroid Well-Known Member

    Slight thread-jacking...

    So, what changes when you move an app to the SD card?

    What are the pros and cons?

    Am I correct in assuming that the reason to do so is for backup?
  11. Ma}{imus

    Ma}{imus Well-Known Member

    The main reason would be to free up internal phone storage. A disadvantage is for some sd enabled apps you won't be able to use their widgets if they're on the sd card. Pandora is an example of that.
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  12. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    Tje main pro is that it frees up room on your phone itself. Stock, the phone does not have a whole lot of internal storage. If you have too much saved then it slows the phone's performance. I downloaded it, stored it on my sd card, and moved other apps to sd quickly and easily.
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  13. BudDroid

    BudDroid Well-Known Member

    Is is better, if not necessarily easier, to use Settings/Manage Applications to do this. I notice some apps don't offer the option to move, others do. I presume it's safe to do so with the ones that offer the option. Any "gotchas"?
  14. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    There are some apps that can't be moved unless you are the root or super user. If you go that route you have to be careful what you move because it can affect other apps. I just rooted, then downloaded ThundeROM and started with your basic apps. Now I'm working on customization. I now have 135 mb of free internal storage on the phone alone. If you do decide to root and all that, just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and read everything they tell you to read. I do not regret my decision one bit but I admit I was nervous ;) Hope this helps!
  15. patipaw

    patipaw New Member

    I'm not outrageously tech savvy.

    I was having trouble with the internal memory of my Op V running low.

    I tried rooting the phone, and ran into trouble with the partitions of the SD card.

    What I ended up doing was resetting my phone to factory settings.
    (Just push in Home, Volume Down and the Power button when powering the phone back up.)

    It restored the phone to Android factory settings and gave me over 100 MB storage. It got rid of the Virgin Mobile bloatware.

    I don't know if this is handy, and it may be going the rooting method is better.

    I got nervous about rooting, don't you have to worry about updates then? And the phone just acted "weird". Then I guess I did something wrong partitioning the sd card, because it ran out of space and there was plenty on the card, just not on that partition, it wouldn't let me change the size of the partition was just a mess.

    Oh, and now my computer won't recognize the phone, there is something going on about the an s10 error message in My Computer...that's gone now, but it still won't recognize it. (That's okay, used Air Sync for Double Twist, so can download cd's, etc. without having to remove the sd card and put it in a reader.) (But...annoying!!!)

    Should I go back and try one more time?

    One thing I don't understand. I've been careful to download apps that I can pop on my SD card. Even then, though, the internal memory goes down and I haven't been able to get it all back. Is there anything I can do?

  16. Dark Penguin

    Dark Penguin Active Member

    In this vein I've been told, in the other Android forum community, that streaming and playback apps work better in the internal memory, although of course the media collection can still be stored on the SD card.

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