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  1. tlieps

    tlieps Member

    Can someone describe the differences between the different types of memories in the TMobile Samsung Galaxy S2? Phone memory, then USB memory (both are onboard the phone so what's the diff? They both suck up phone memory).

    Also, is it the case that only some apps can be transferred from the phone to SD card. Also can apps be downloaded directly to the SD card? Any rationale behind that?

    Any way to force transfer or downloading of any apps on the phone that don't give the Store On SD Card option? In the phone's applications manaqer program, the "Move to SD card" button is not highlighted for most of my apps I have, so they are just using up phone memory.

    Thanks mucho in advance. Just trying to figure this thing out. Answers may be a good tutorial guidance for a lot of us concerning phone memory usage.

  2. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    Ap to sd for putting apps on sd card. Not all apps can be put on the sd card.

    Internal memory on phone is separate from sd card.
  3. cavifl45

    cavifl45 New Member

    That's why you have 16gb of memory.. which should be for plenty of apps

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