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  1. zuluct

    zuluct New Member

    Does anyone know how to turn off the 3G connection on my phone? It's handy to save battery/data costs.

  2. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    You can do it by adding the widget "data traffic" on your home screen. Then tap it to turn it on/off as you like.
  3. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    APNDroid will automatically alter your APN settings so your phone can't use 3G. It can also automatically change the settings back.
  4. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    Why use a thirdpart app when the builtin one can do the job as easy as a tap on the screen? One tap for on and one tap for off, easy as that :)
    No need to mess around with apps addressing the APN settings.
  5. zuluct

    zuluct New Member

    I ended up installing an app called APN On/Off by Curvefish. It disables 3G completely.

    The built-in widget disables data transfer, but there is still a connection to the 3G network. I cancelled the data plan altogether (can do everything I need through Wi-Fi), so I wanted to make sure there wasn't an excuse for the provider to nickel and dime me.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    Hm, when 3g "data" is off, it's off. You won't be charged for 3g data traffic then.
    And mms messages is over the 3g data APN but is priced as mms and not data.
    By disabling 3g (for calls as well) you miss out on the (possible) better signal/coverage.

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