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  1. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    This is really starting to annoy me as I have this switched off on my settings on the pc but when I log in via Android it automatically turns it on. Is there any way to keep it turned off?

  2. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    Problem solved I've done it now.
  3. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius Well-Known Member

    don't forget to share your findings with the forum. they might be useful to other members.
  4. jay_kay

    jay_kay Well-Known Member

    Open facebook chat, press menu and select go offline :D
  5. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    Whilst in chat press menu then press;) go offline. Peace atlast ;)
  6. Sprawlsy

    Sprawlsy Active Member

    The next time you go into the Facebook app it'll be turned on again!
  7. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius Well-Known Member

    that's what i mean.

    open up the facebook app, go to chat and you're online.

    press menu > go offline and you're disconnected from chat.

    go out of chat feature and back into the main facebook app, go back into facebook chat and you're online again.

    in the beginning, i thought that the app was smarter than me and automatically signed you into chat when you entered the chat feature but then i started receiving chat messages from people when i wasn't even using the facebook app.
  8. leeeroy

    leeeroy Member

    anyone any idea if the groups work as they do on a pc?
    I (obviously) dont want work people knowing i am online so I have them in a group that shows me as offline
  9. westbros

    westbros Well-Known Member

  10. rhod

    rhod Well-Known Member

    Okay, I *think* I've figured it out....

    Go to 'privacy settings' (tiny arrow at the top right)
    Click on 'apps and websites'
    Click on HTC app... eg. mine's HTC chacha...
    Under permissions, Where it says 'access messages in my chat' something along those lines, click 'remove'

    I just did it and I Think it's worked! :) x
  11. rhod

    rhod Well-Known Member

    Oh, but I did this via my computer, not via the phone,. Don't know if that makes a difference!
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  12. HTC ChaCha

    HTC ChaCha New Member

    Thanks that really helped, i did that on the computer and then when i clicked on the facebook chat app on my phone it said unable to log in.

    However does anyone know how to then get it back if i want to use facebook chat on my android phone in the future?
  13. bambi77

    bambi77 New Member

    thanks a mill,that was a TOTAL pain in the a%s !!!

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