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How to turn data off on Galaxy SSupport

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  1. micstewart

    micstewart Well-Known Member


    travelling to Europe from the UK and need to turn off all data for the duration of my stay (would cost me $17 per day at my current usage)

    This is easily done with one setting on my iPhone, but I am unsure how to get the same done easily with my Galaxy S

    I really need to make sure that all data is off in order that I don't come home to a monster bill!


  2. wupper

    wupper Member

    Pretty sure that there's something in settings called 'Data Roaming' which has data off by default.

    My kid has nicked my phone to play games so I don't have it with me to confirm...

    As a guess:

    Setttings / Mobile Networks / Data Roaming or something.

    I used it in France recently and it automagickally blocked data... :)
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  3. micstewart

    micstewart Well-Known Member


    it's data roaming that you toggle to 'off' on the iphone that stops the data when abroad, I didn't realise that it was the same on the Galaxy.

    I was just nervous that there are so many things running in the background with this new phone that it would decide to start updating something without me even knowing.

    thanks again

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