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  1. replicnt6

    replicnt6 New Member

    When I plug my Defy into the charger or unplug it, it beeps. This is annoying as I generally plug it in on the night table when I go to bed and if my wife is already asleep, it wakes her.

    I saw a post somewhere that suggested that turning off SD Card Notifications would turn off the charger beep, but it doesn't on the Defy. A commenter said it stopped working when with the upgrade to android 2.1.

    I've tried to search the app store, but have found nothing.

    Any tips?

  2. LetoKynes

    LetoKynes Member

    I know this might be a hassle but have you tried switching the phone off before plugging it in?
  3. tednet

    tednet Member

    put phone into silent from the lockscreen, plug in, turn off silent again from the locksreen
  4. darmach

    darmach Member

    wow - thats a hell of a workaround :p

    Does anyone knows any straight way? Maybe where this soundfile is located, or how is it generated?
  5. sam the man

    sam the man Member

    Same question asked on the xda-developers forum, but no answer as yet though.

    I'd be interested to know too, as I also find it annoying. Well, it actually annoys my wife as it also wakes her since I tend to sleep later than she does. I'm currently switching it to silent before the charger is attached or removed.
  6. darmach

    darmach Member

    Exactly the same in my situation. I remeber that on samsung galaxy we had same issue - but it has been resolved someway...
  7. thrashin

    thrashin New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I installed "Android Assist" from the market and under Tools>Volume Control, it allows you to adjust all the phone's volume settings in one screen. Included is a "system Volume" setting and if you turn that down it controls on/off and charging beeps.

    Worked for me.

  8. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

    If rooted, you can replace the notification clip OnTheHunt.ogg with a slient chip.
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  9. mymymy1

    mymymy1 New Member

    Really the program name is Android Assistant. The slider system volume controls this sound and set to 0 removes it. The vibration remains, but not so annoying.
  10. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    When mine ran 2.1, it beeped. Now, on 2.2.1 (US) it does not beep. I thought with the update to 2.2 that beep went away.

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