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  1. UnknownTBeast

    UnknownTBeast New Member

    I just got my LG Ally this past week, and I love it, but the thing is a power sucker. On my old phone (basic, no internet/data) I could go all week without charging it, this thing needs charging every other day!

    But that is aside the point. My problem is the phone won't stay turned off when I charge it. I plug it in, hold down the end call button, and shut it off. Then it turns right back on! Anyone know how to fix this?

  2. rwilliams1026

    rwilliams1026 Member

    Its a smart phone. Which means its running a bunch of processes and doing alot more things then a regular phone, therefore the battery isnt going to last as long. Just something your gonna have to get used to. I dont know of any ways to stop that but someone else might be able to shed some light for you.

    (PS. if you root your phone you can underclock it when you arent using it and that will save your TONS of battery life)
  3. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Right now devs are working on overclocking and underclocking. its not finalized yet but they're working on it
  4. Mitchell4500

    Mitchell4500 Well-Known Member

    For me I just plug it in when I go to bed. I mean who cares it takes 2 seconds to do it.

    You cant turn it off while its charing but it dosent matter. When the screen is off it goes into a low power state.
    The battery needs time to say "Grow in". Then it will be fine and regular for daily use.

    I would recommend just putting it in airplane mode when you want to "turn it off" :p
  5. reventon670

    reventon670 Member

    can someone please please help me, im completely new when i comes to this rooting stuff i went to rom manager than i went to clockwork recovery and didnt wipe out all my data or whatever and it did all the like commands and whatnot than restarted my phone and now it seems like its stuck on this droid animation where the like red eye is there it starts out saying droid than morphs into this like droid animation and it seems stuck of something and i took out my battery to see if it would stop it and it didnt work i started my phone and it sayd "droid" and now it just keeps playing that animation over and over it wont go anywhere except for this animation.....please help me
  6. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    What is this? You just posted this a few different places, I was under the impression Dots resolved this issue

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