How to turn off automatic synchronisation with Gmail contacts

  1. galaktiker

    galaktiker Member

    Gmail put every email address you send letter to - into the Contacts. I can't turn off this stupid thing in the gmail settings.

    And from time to time I can see in my htc hero contacts different emails, that were get from gmail contacts. How to stop this? I don't want to see these emails in my HTC Hero!

  2. itandy

    itandy Well-Known Member

    You can actually tell Hero not to display contacts from Google. Just click the Menu button in Contact screen and select View.
  3. eazylife

    eazylife Member

    I think to stop this you can: Menu --> Settings --> Data Synchronization --> Google --> Make sure there is no "check" in the Auto-sync box.
  4. galaktiker

    galaktiker Member

    Thanks, guys. The problem have been solved.

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