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  1. uberdag

    uberdag Active Member

    How do i turn off the stupid blinking LED... other than eletrical tape, wich i have on my old vhs tape player.

  2. Ayrow

    Ayrow Well-Known Member

    You're kidding...

    That's one of the best features of the X.
  3. DroidX Man

    DroidX Man Member

    well it means you have a notification you do know, like the little blue light for me is usually says i have a new poke on facebook, and the green means you have a new txt message. How come you dont like it?
  4. jdk33

    jdk33 Well-Known Member

    This.. After checking an iPhone 300 times a day to see when people call / text you, you'll love the blinking light.

    But to answer your question, if you swipe down the notification bar and select 'clear' it'll stop the blinking until the next notification you receive (email, text, missed call, etc).
  5. Trauma

    Trauma Well-Known Member

    on a side note, how do you change the color of the LED?
  6. uberdag

    uberdag Active Member

    well i guess i had emails that where making it blink.

    clear worked.


    And I dont LIKE BLINKING LIGHTS... if it was solid would be happier

    probably goes back to some childhood christmas trauma..... :eek:
  7. c_aus

    c_aus Disabled

    I don't believe you can at this point. There might be some apps that allow it, but it may require root. Some custom roms allow you do to do this, but since the bootloader hasn't been bypased yet, none are available.
  8. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    There are numerous apps to set the LED for specific notifications.

    Handcent, Missed Call, and Blink can set the LED color for sms, missed calls, battery, etc.

    K9 email and Touchdown can set the LED color for emails.

    I use Missed Call, K9, and Touchdown. All three work good together, though I did have one issue with the LED not flashing for gmail but I got it fix just not sure how. :)
  9. lengland

    lengland New Member

    My big problem with the blinking LED light is that I use my phone as an alarm clock. I'll wake up in the middle of the night, then there is the stupid LED flashing right on the nightstand that I can't quit noticing while trying to fall asleep. Very annoying to me.......I would love to disable it.

    I'll try some of the apps for LED control. Perhaps you can just shut off LED notification for emails only?
  10. Paycer

    Paycer Well-Known Member

    An LED light on a device flashing during the night while I'm trying to sleep has always annoyed me slightly as well. I, like many others, use my phone as my alarm clock. I simply flip the phone over on it's screen and the problem is solved. Hell, even the speaker is facing up so the alarm is louder in the morning.

    If the situation that I just explained is the main reason for wanting to turn the LED light off, then you have two decent options that I can think of off the top of my head.

    1.) Turn off automatic status updates through your phone's settings or through the homescreen widget before you go to sleep. Simply toggling them off should stop the notifications, and therefore prevent the blinking light. If you plug your phone in before you go to sleep, the LED may still flash. I'm not actually sure on that one.

    2.) Simply flip the phone over so that the screen faces down and the surface of your nightstand, table, w/e blocks the light. This way the speaker faces up and broadcasts your alarm better anyway.
  11. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Two reasons that the light blinks......

    1. A blinking light attracts more attention than a solid light.

    2. A blinking light uses less battery power than a solid "on" light. (I know, not much, but every little bit helps right?)

    Patiently/Impatiently waiting for the release of Android 2.2!
  12. lengland

    lengland New Member

    I was just going to respond that I figured out that simply disabling the email notifications prevented the LED from blinking, and say that Paycer already suggested. Works great for me, I just turn off email notifications when I set my phone alarm before bed.
  13. mendelay

    mendelay Member

    I disagree. If you take a quick glance on your phone to see if there's a notification you might miss it when it blinks. I absolutely HATE having to stare at it and count till two to be sure it's off. A solid green light is just as visible as a blinking light in both, daylight and darkness.

    Also, the amount of battery power it takes to keep an LED light running for an entire day is probably less than keeping the screen turned on for 60 seconds. It's tiny, and it's very low power. Me thinks the difference in power usage between a solid and blinking light is so negligible that it's a waste of time even thinking about it. If it does indeed save power, then why is the red battery-low indicator solid? Isn't it crucial to save every bit of power when the battery is low?
  14. spidvalis

    spidvalis New Member

    Perhaps this is an old post but I had to ask the answer.
    I had a big problem to find the right answer to this question.

    Although the function of the led lights has its advantages, these functions can also be very annoying sometimes.

    On Motorola Motolux, in my case, I was constantly blinking blue led.
    I think that is not a sign that I have an incoming or missed calls.
    I tried to find what it is and here's one answer that for me had success.
    I think this blinking comes from third party applications.
    I turned off all notifications from gmail,gtalk Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. .. all of the notification of third party applications.
    Finally, another application for SMS HandcentSMS, appSettings-DefaultMessagingapp-ALL (SMS&ММS) and suprise :) working, no flashing blue led....:):)

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