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  1. amador331

    amador331 New Member

    How do you turn off the alert tone that rings when you receive a new email through the default native email app (not gmail] on the GS2S. I just cannot seem to find the right setting for this no matter how hard I look . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. KBourassa

    KBourassa Active Member

    in the email account, hit the menu buttom (bottom far left) and hit more and scroll to email notification and uncheck the box.
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  3. Brisky

    Brisky New Member

    Anyway to mark all emails as read? I receive 4 different accounts in my phone (I'm on the road a lot)... but most emails during the day I read on my computer... anyway I can mark them read on my phone??

    Thanks again for a great tip on stopping the annoying notifications everytime an email came in!!!


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