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How to turn off email notificationsSupport

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  1. CoasterCalla

    CoasterCalla New Member

    I just got my LG Enlighten on Saturday and set it up with my Gmail account. I have tried to turn off email notifications so it uses less data but every time I do about an hour later, it has turned itself back on. And this is even after telling it to check for email never and turning off notifications. How do I turn it off for once and for all? :confused:

  2. Ikenstein

    Ikenstein Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Settings > Accounts & Sync then make sure that Auto Sync is unchecked. I'm not sure this is the problem, but try and see what happens?
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  3. CoasterCalla

    CoasterCalla New Member

    I actually think I got it figured out, I went to Setting>Accounts & Sync>Gmail and turned off Gmail Sync and that seems to have eliminated the issue.

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