How to turn off HTC music player?

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  1. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member


    Is there anyway to turn off the built in HTC music player? Whenever I hangup from a phone call via bluetooth, the HTC music player will start playing. It always occurs if I was playing music via another music app or listening to a podcast with any program other than the HTC music app.



  2. FemDroid

    FemDroid Member

    I'm wondering the same thing...Except I want to turn it off after I have listened to music. I can't find a "quit" button, so I end up turning off the phone and having to restart it.
  3. wallyy

    wallyy Well-Known Member

    Try killing it with a task killer?
  4. FemDroid

    FemDroid Member

    Thanks wallyy!

    Does anyone use the stock music player?
  5. Dr Evil

    Dr Evil Active Member

    The only way to "turn it off" is to hit the pause button when the song is playing.

    I had it keep playing after I got out of the car and my bluetooth disconnected from the car head unit and the only quick way to turn it off is to hit the pause button. The song will show in the music player but it is in effect "off". As far as memory usage/cpu usage in pause mode I don't give a rip because I haven't noticed any issues as a result of pausing the music.

    Also, HTC Music player allows you to pause without unlocking the screen which is another reason I think it's the same as "off".
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  6. meso

    meso New Member

    pause = stop, does that mean the app never stops running once it is started
  7. angrypuma

    angrypuma New Member

    Just had the same problem. if you turn the phone off or let it run flat it should stop it from appearing. Hope this helps

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