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  1. lewisgrant

    lewisgrant New Member

    I have an issue and my phone refuses to listen. I am currently using the Android Keyboard but I want to use the Samsung Keyboard because it fixes common typed errors (although the Android Keyboard Settings says it does too, but it doesn't) However, when I switch to Samsung Keyboard, every letter I press it makes an awful clicking popping noise. I know there is no setting under Samsung Keyboard Settings for Sound on Keypress but there is one under Android Keyboard. I have turned it off but the Samsung Keyboard keeps making the clicking/popping noise. Someone help. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  2. pinoyplaya

    pinoyplaya New Member

    Settings > sound and display > and check off audible selection
  3. jayjinxie

    jayjinxie New Member

    hey tried this on LG 500 optimus , Audible tones switched off but still the clicking continues, drives me nuts HELP !!!!!!! only way to stop is to go into silent mode.
    This was Ok just recently changed ?/
  4. LocKINGMailbox

    LocKINGMailbox New Member

    On my Samsung fascinate with the thumb keyboard app. I hold down the microphone icon next to the space bar to use the option for keyboard sound. I.hope this works for you.
  5. o0jamie0o

    o0jamie0o New Member

    Settings>sounds>uncheck audible touch tones

    You can keep audible selection on for my phone (Samsung admire). Now it just vibrates.

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