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  1. EricH4753

    EricH4753 Well-Known Member

    how can i turnoff word predication on my phone? because it is annoying as hell and when i try to uncheck the box the color is gray and it won't let me change it so... can i turn it off or do i have to live with it?

  2. Hollaback12786

    Hollaback12786 Well-Known Member

    Settings>language & keyboard> spelling correction

    Edit: I might be wrong
  3. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Go to language & keyboard then turn off trace keyboard first in touch input settings then you can turn off prediction in text input settings.
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  4. EricH4753

    EricH4753 Well-Known Member

    the thing is i tried that and they faded the option so you can't uncheck it.
  5. Droidula

    Droidula Well-Known Member

    I just tried the suggestion munguse posted, and it does work. Initially, if you just try to turn off prediction, it is grayed out, but if you follow those steps, it works. To repeat what munguse suggested:

    Settings > Language & keyboard > Touch Input. (Touch the settings button to the right.)

    Select Trace keyboard from the list. Uncheck Trace keyboard. Go back.

    Select Text input from the list. You can now uncheck Prediction.
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  6. microsa1

    microsa1 New Member

    Thanks goodness I found this thread and insturctions that worked. Virgin Mobile and HTC both said it could not be turned off and Best Buy had not a clue. Thanks.....
    Mike Allen
    San Antonio, Tx
  7. arcticfix

    arcticfix Active Member

    thank you....that was really annoying

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