how to ugrade HUAWEI ASCEND M860 (cricket) ANDROID 2.1 to higher version/s?

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  1. trippn

    trippn New Member

    okay so i am aware that there are ways to upgrade HUAWEI ASCEND M860 (cricket) ANDROID 2.1 into higher version,
    i already did some of these steps and some how-to's..
    now my problem is every after the installation and rebooting sys, it then freezes to either "HUAWEI" logo or the custom/new rom's logo, it doesnt pass on it, stuck there.
    now i am ready to do it again but i would like to ask someone to pls tell me where to start and guide me all troughout the right (chronological) way to upgrade this phone. pls & thanks.

    and also:

    i am rooted, my "COM.GOOGLE.ANROID.LOCATION" is missing, everytime i checkin at any social sites it wont read my location. what am i gonna do?
    pls help
    pls thanks :)

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Sorry for the delay trippn and welcome to Android Forums:)
    Were you able to get it staightened out:confused:

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