How to Unbrick Samsung Android Phones with One Click

  1. annson08

    annson08 Member

    Normally Samsung android phones are so secure to flash. but you are unlucky and got your phone bricked during flashing,rooting or upgrading.

    Here is a good news for You – A developer come up with a software called one-click unbrick for Samsung android phones. this small utility uses ODIN to repair our Samsung phones. almost all Samsung phones with android

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    GAFFEPR Member

    OneClickLoader.exe not loading when I try to run it with admin permissions which I have. Is there a bug needing correction for Windows XP HE SP3 ?
    I have full Java latest version but I noticed the OneClick.jar file in the example screen appears with the Java icon applet (coffee cup and smoke) but mine has the windows default applet. Any ideas ? Tks
  3. sopree

    sopree Active Member

    Doesnt work......
  4. angelparts

    angelparts New Member

    not working ts :(
  5. paulmoran1408

    paulmoran1408 New Member

    utter and complete genius, you deserve the nobel piece prize for this, as i was about to start wrecking the joint.
  6. djwf

    djwf New Member

    Worked like a charm after a little tweaking. Used Gadget serial instead of SAMSUNG USB.
  7. KegHead

    KegHead Well-Known Member


    My sammy is bricked.

    I'm using Xubuntu...

    Any help?
  8. bunji

    bunji Member

    need help asap, my samsung exhibit is stuck on boot up, i just have the samsung exhibit with 4g tmobil on it? any help would be nice :eek:
  9. saransh1256

    saransh1256 New Member


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