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how to undo password protection?Support

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  1. kimberlyd86

    kimberlyd86 Active Member

    I set my phone to have the password grid every time I want to use it, but when I changed it from the default, I realized I lost some other good features, like having the camera app on that first screen along with the flick to unlock option, and now I don't know how to put my phone into airplane mode. That was also an option on that screen.

    When I go into settings, I don't see how to revert back to that way, only how to change my password pattern. I'd like to not have it password protected for now. How do I change it back?

  2. whitecollar

    whitecollar Clericus Geekicus VIP Member

    I don't have your phone but you should be able to select None under your Menu/security settings/screen lock/None. something like that
  3. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    Go into the lock screen settings and select none/slider.
  4. kimberlyd86

    kimberlyd86 Active Member

    Thanks. I didn't realize when it was asking me to confirm my password, that had to be done before I could change my lock screen options.

    I also found airplane mode.

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