How to undo Ryans OCLF in shell only?

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  1. amplivibe

    amplivibe New Member

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if anybody can help me out with this one.

    I installed OCLF V2+ and all is great. However, one day I turned on the phone and I think it's physically broken. The symptoms are:

    - Only half screen image
    - Other half screen has strange stripes
    - The phone doesn't go past the spash screen
    - It will boot in recovery and download mode. Here there's still only half a screen

    So what I want to do is undo the lag fix, remove ext2 tools and unroot the phone before I go back to the store. Can anybody help me with this?

    I CAN start in recovery mode and use adb shell to go to the phone shell! So I suppose I have to do the above steps from the shell!

  2. amplivibe

    amplivibe New Member

  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Reflash the phone.
  4. amplivibe

    amplivibe New Member

    Thanks, a "clear data" in the recovery mode works too (I didn't flash it to another firmware).

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