How to uninstall pre-installed crapware (Facebook & co) from a rooted Spica?

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  1. shevchi

    shevchi Member


    I've rooted my Spica and I'm looking for ways to get rid of unnecessary apps like Facebook. So far the only way I've found is by using Android commander to go to the system/app or data/app directory and delete the respective .apk file. Is this a good/safe method or there are better/safer ones?


  2. Ihm

    Ihm Member

    Some apps you can delete through Market/AppBrain, others you'll have to use Commander... I think anyway? Still haven't rooted my phone yet...
  3. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    i got rid of the stock music player by using root explorer app, and renaming the apk to .bak
  4. JimJam707

    JimJam707 Member

    Use titanium backup. Find the app, click delete and BAM! it's gone.

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