How to uninstall the Market update?

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  1. james197

    james197 New Member

    I have recently updated my Hero to 2.1 update1 of Android and I have got the Download Unsuccessful message every time I have tried to download an app since then.

    Reading other forums it seems the way to solve it is go to Application - Manage Applications - Market - Uninstall Update

    But my hero doesn't have that final option.

    Does anyone know how to complete the same process on the hero?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Try Settings/Applications (All), select Market, force-stop, clear data then restart the phone. Once it's restarted try accessing the Market again and hopefully the problem will be resolved.
  3. z50king

    z50king Well-Known Member

    I am getting the A Network/Server error has occurred, Retry or Cancel to return.

    I have a new 3vo and this is wifi only. But market was working on this phone last week....

    I just want to download a sd viewer so i can root this phone
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    This occurs quite frequently and is usually due to server issues Google-side. I assume your network connection is otherwise okay?
  5. z50king

    z50king Well-Known Member

    it has no more network connectivity other than wifi. but wifi works for the browser, so it is connected. I used the market a couple weeks ago after it was disconnected from Sprint
  6. judgejones

    judgejones New Member

    This was helpful for me and did the trick Thanks very much
  7. Dark Penguin

    Dark Penguin Active Member

    I got all the way to "Accept and Download" for the app I wanted, and I still got the error after following Slug's steps. I don't have this device but it seems to be happening across numerous different makes and models. I am running gROM; does anyone know if that's part of the issue??

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