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How to uninstall useless Metro apps on Huawei Ascend?

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  1. S2kRo

    S2kRo Member

    If anyone knows how and could walk us through the process post it up! This would be very helpful to free up space/memory.:D

  2. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    First make sure you have usb debugging enabled in application development settings. Install z4root by Googling it and clicking in first link. After opening, if you have METRO, choose temporary root. Then install titanium backup from market. :) P.S. Make sure you do not uninstall mail@metro as it will cause problems.
  3. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    If you rooted already, just download Titanium Backup from Market.
  4. S2kRo

    S2kRo Member

    I did that, but i did permanent root. Now which programs are ok to uninstall and which ones are not?
  5. Burner

    Burner Well-Known Member

    I deleted :

    Pocket Express
    Docs to Go
    Free Games
    Mobile Banking
    Mobile IM
    Virtual Card


    Easy Wifi
    metro appstore
    Nothing thats by google
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  6. dodukes

    dodukes Active Member

    burner, i deleted mainly what you have on your lists and have had no problems either but then again i only froze them, i only deleted uno and the free games.

    also question for josey, is there a reason you recomend temp root vs. perm root for metro? i have metro, it was my first time rooting but i did permanent and all seems fine should i change that?
  7. Burner

    Burner Well-Known Member

    Im not Josey but I'll chime in here. A temporary root. Simply means your phone is rooted until you turn it off. Then you would have to do it again.

    A permanent root is better. Z4root also has an unroot option as well.
  8. dodukes

    dodukes Active Member

    yeah i read up a bit between the two options before i did it seeing how it was my first time but i went with permanent and it seems all is ok and yes i also saw that unroot option.
  9. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    The reason i chose temp. Was because SOME Metro users were saying permanent didn't work for them, but if it worked for you, then its ok
  10. dodukes

    dodukes Active Member

    oh ok cuz you had me very nervous...lol i was already nervous about doing it to begin with..
  11. laserd

    laserd Member

    How do you install z4root. I got lost when you said about the usb bebugging, I enabled it then idk what to do next
  12. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Joser are you online? I just tried to d/ld z4root from the xda-developer site and the install was unsuccessful. Got this message:

    Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone.

    I have USB debugging on. Also, have it set to accept unknown apps etc.

    Any ideas?
  13. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    Try Dolphin Browser Mini.
  14. laserd

    laserd Member

    how do you install the item? can you make a video?
  15. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    There is a thread for it
    The one with moren than 100 replies
  16. stafa516

    stafa516 Active Member

    I have removed everything mero except metro web and metro easy wifi and have no problems runnung my ascend at all. i'm even thinking about deleteing my metro web since i use opera
  17. opsguy

    opsguy Active Member

    Just want to say thank you to Burner for actually posting a pretty complete list of what can be deleted on a Metro Ascend. Very helpful.

    Thanks again
  18. kbrn

    kbrn Well-Known Member

    You can't go wrong using ROOT EXPLORER Just Back up first the .apk and .odex you want to delete.
    I bought this phone for my G/f rooted and deleted all the crapware the first minute I got back home.
    (Easier to root than My Samsung Moment)
    Free Games
    Mobile Banking
    Mobile IM
    Virtual Card
    Metro Back up. (useless) since your contacts are always backed since you use gmail.
    I deleted Metro app store and easy wifi since Android has it's native wifi and haven't had any issues.
  19. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Actually, removing MetroPCS Easy Wifi won't affect your wifi at all, and will actually save you even more battery life. This is because every time you enable your wifi, easy wifi starts shortly after, and is really useless. I read all it does is help save wifi connection information such as pw and settings, meanwhile normal wifi can do that. Just do not delete anything google related.
  20. Aftermath

    Aftermath Member

    yup they are right i rooted my phone and worked out great z4root is the way to go easy and fast. also i got set cpu u can overclock your phone and makes it run nice and fast. also once u get rid of the shitty metro apps our phone will work a lot faster.
  21. Street_727

    Street_727 Member

    hi , im new to this site and i have an metro Huawei Ascend and i wanted to get rid of those shity apps off of it and i have read everything that everyone posted and i think i did something wrong because when i download the z4root and went to click on it and it didnt as me if i wanted to temp root or permanent root . so if i did something wrong can you help me out thanks
  22. Street_727

    Street_727 Member


    I have a Huawei Ascend for metro and i want to get rid of the useless apps that are on the phone and i have read a few post and i did what some people said and i dont think i did it right and i download the z4root and it didnt ask me to temp root or permeant root and i dont know what to do but if someone can help me out.

  23. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Perm root, and get back to me, I will help you
  24. Street_727

    Street_727 Member

    Well i download z4root and im lost from here on what do to but i did what somepeople said on forums and the i click on the z4root and then click the root button and it shuts of and i dont think its working right or im just doing something wrong im not sure
  25. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    When you turn it back on, do you see a new app in your drawer called Superuser?

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