How to Unlock (and Root) the Bell Galaxy S2. Step by Step Guide

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  1. zms123

    zms123 Well-Known Member

    Just got kk2 got rid of yellow triangle and all. I'm just wondering if I should have wiped my device before upgrading from 2.3.3. Everything looks good so far. Only thing that was messed up was that my apps got rearranged.

  2. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    Hmm guys I want to try jkays theme changer but i am on xwkk2 and he only uploads kk5. Is it okay if I install the kk5 firmware over the kk2 and then the kk5 kernel over my old one? What happens when I keep changing firmware/kernels? Should I be doing a Factory rest + dalvik cache wipe + cache wipe before I change the firmware? Or is that only for custom roms?

    Also in Intratech thread with all the firmware for kk5 there are a lot of csc files for different countries. Do I just use the one above the stock kernel?
  3. zms123

    zms123 Well-Known Member

    for an update from kk2 to kk5 there shouldn't be a problem. You probably won't need to factory reset or wipe cache and all. I went from KG2 to KK2 without wiping cache and dalvik. All I did was a factory reset.

    Where do you get the theme changer?

    For the CSC, just use the csc for your carrier/the one your phone came with as sometimes your data usage can not function properly. It might not even be necessary to change it if everything looks fine.
  4. madsatan

    madsatan New Member

    now i m kind of confused...
    so if i wnat to go bcak to stock bell version 2.3.3
    i go to the above page and download those files...
    the files are .exe
    do i need to change it into tar or anyting else??
    or i just use it as it is in odin .....??

    and will it go bcak to stock 2.3.3 and same baseband??
  5. madsatan

    madsatan New Member

    ok... i read the post and figure out how to deal with the exe file

    i tired to flash the file form it
    but i m still at the 2.35

    how can i go back to ugkg2??
  6. tuttiquanti

    tuttiquanti New Member

    This worked perfectly well for me. You made it so easy, thanks!


    To all the people who are paying people to root their phones or paying big dollars to unlock your Bell Galaxy S2 here is a guide to do it for FREE!
  7. noobunlocker

    noobunlocker New Member

    Thanks so much. I got my phone rooted and unlocked.

    But now i have a really dumb question.

    all i did was following the steps and rooted and unlocked my phone. i did not attempt to install any custom firmware.

    Does this mean that i am still using the default bell rom? or do i have to re-flash it back to default bell rom?

    Also felt like that after i unlocked my phone my signal strength dropped? i used to get 3-4 bars in my house.. now i am getting 1-2 bars.. is this related to rooting?

    Thanks and sorry for these newb questions
  8. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Use 7-zip to extract the file and flash the tar file inside with odin

    You can go back to kg2 by flashing the rom on my original post and then rooting with cf-root-kg2 :)
  9. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are still running the stock rom. What you did was flash a rooted kernel. The rest is all stock.

    Weird. I never noticed any loss in signal strength after rooting and unlocking. You might want to flash a newer rom than KG2. This version has horrible GPS reception.
  10. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    Hi Blue, do you got any step by steps on how I can install a rom for UGKG2 ? I rooted the phone but I'm not sure which is the most stable rom (looking for battery life and faster response)

    Thanks for all the great work
  11. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    To be honest, since I don't have the i9100 model anymore (have the T989 Galaxy S2 now), I'm kind of out of the loop for current roms. I was using Sicopat's almost stock rom but that is pretty old now.

    You could check out XDA and read some user comments on newer roms. If you need help installing one, fire me a message.

    S2 ROMS

  12. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    Thanks Blue, hummm quick question .... I can just use any rom I guess right ? I've seen something about compatibilities etc (KG2 etc.. ) but can I use any of the XX ..

    thanks again for directing me to the right direction.
  13. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    No problem. Yes you can use pretty much any rom for the i9100. It does not have to be KG2. I actually find KG2 roms pretty crappy for battery life and GPS reception.
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  14. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    ah man, thanks !!! that's a huge relief cuz I found it hard to find a KG2 specific rom lol

    hum, alright... so this might not be the last question (hope you understand lol) ... the install, its pretty much the same steps I took to root the phone right ? find the package, click on pda etc... yellow box and start ?

    is there anything else I should be aware of ... if you don't mind, could you send me a quick step by step (if i should be aware of anything else... read some about modems and kernel and ... well yeah ... )

    so here's one of the roms I would like to try for instance ...

    not sure if I just pop this in Odin and do the same steps as in your instructions ... thanks !!!
  15. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Hey Steve. Most roms on XDA are not for use in odin. Unless they specifically say so, you are using recovery menu to flash them. I'm making a guide right now with steps how to flash properly. You will lose your data (including text messages) and have to set up your email and apps again but you will not lose any pictures or anything like that.

    Guide will be posted here in a bit on the main page.
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  16. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    Thanks !!! Greatly appreciated !!! This definitely goes into my bookmarks lol
  17. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Just added now :)
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  18. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    You're the man !!!

    Love the fact that I can use any ROM ... ps: are my contacts going to be wipe out too ? I used Titanium to back up the user apps etc... so hopefully everything will be just fine after the install
  19. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Ya. I mentioned that in the guide. You have to backup contacts too (In Titanium) unless you are using Gmail to save all your contacts. I do that so I never have to worry about losing contacts when flashing :)
  20. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    so I know you don't have the phone nomore... but if you were to choose one of the roms ... which one would you go for ? considering that battery life is key and don't wanna lose too much of the stock look and feel of the phone.
  21. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    The one you listed looks pretty good. Almost stock with a few modifications. I would go for that one. I used to use Sicopat's rom which was the same idea: stock based with some improvements but nothing too crazy or stripped down.
  22. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    so I'm following the instruction but I seem to be stuck on Odin mode ... the phone isn't going forward and seems to be on the "downloading ... " step for quite some time now ...

    any idea ??
  23. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    When you get the phone into download does the COM port turn yellow in Odin before you flash?
  24. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    yeah it does... just turned on Odin and saw that ... I hope you got a fix lol
  25. tdawwg

    tdawwg Member

    so do I click on start ? or do I have to add something else ?

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