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How to unlock huawei ideos x3Support

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  1. youralibaba

    youralibaba Member

    How can I unlock my carrier locked huawei ? Should I flash it with some custom ROM ? or is there any way to get root access and then read the lock code ?

  2. jhavron

    jhavron New Member

    Just ta help ya out im lookin for the same thing... Ill post if I dont give up and just buy a code.
  3. lorenzo5000

    lorenzo5000 New Member

    I unlocked mine, I am with vondafone (was) (now I am with tpg, because of the 1500mb), it cost me $25 online to unlock, I unlocked it from the vodafone site, i saved $50 service fee, I think I saved $50 on the service because I have owned and used the huawei x3 for six month plus. any way, Im happy with the phone now, later peeps.
  4. tonycp

    tonycp New Member

    DC Unlocker (software) will unlock it for 10 Euros.

    Just pay the 10 Euros and support this software for the future.

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