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  1. harhar123

    harhar123 New Member


    I have the pin to Unlock my G2.

    how do I use the pin to unlock my phone?

    Please advice.

  2. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

  3. crish

    crish Active Member

    Put your SIM card in, switch phone on and you should be prompted to enter a SIM lock code, put your code in there and that's it - unlocked!
  4. New Member

    Below is the email I received from T-mobile after requesting an unlock code for my G2. This email was received within twelve hours of requesting it.

    The actual message I received was different from what is stated below but logical. When I entered my unlock code and pressed OK. It stated "Unlock Successful! Reboot immediately". However the phone was frozen and I had to remove the battery.

    After turning it back on I had completely disabled G2 that had to be returned to T-Mobile. It is an known issue with G2s. Don't attempt to unlock a G2 until this issue has been resolved.

    T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
    Sim Unlock Reference: 4166212
    IMEI: 359116032221468

    Unlock Code: 49909043
    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Below you will see the Instructions for unlocking your HTC device.

    1. Insert the foreign SIM card
    2. Power on the device and the display should read "Please input unlock code"
    3. Enter the unlock code and the device should display "Phone is unlocked."
    4. Allow the phone to scan the network (or manually click on the antenna icon to do this)

  5. Saucealfredo

    Saucealfredo New Member

  6. zoranb

    zoranb New Member

    is there a way to unlock it without paying anything extra to Tmobile?
  7. And-rhodium

    And-rhodium New Member

    Hello , I m in indonesia have same problem with this issue, once i got unlocking code from T-Mobile, i put my local SIM Card, and it let me come to password request by the device, surely i put th CODE into, and the Phone Said Unlock Succesful, but after some minutes It Shut down, and never back to th screen automatically, i press down power button andthe password request dont come again, but unfortunately the Local Signal still BLANK, is another way to continue to fix it compeletly ? Please help thanks a lot
  8. WavieDavey

    WavieDavey New Member

    Hey all. I want to post something because I have recently spent ages trying to get my phone unlocked and it turned out to be pretty hard indeed...

    I used a one company that really abused me and I had lost all faith in online unlocking... Not sure if I can put their name on here (though I'd like to because I want them to be accountable for how they treated me...

    But there was a light at the end of the tunnel - I eventually found a guy on ebay and called him. He was friendly and helpful on the phone and I paid him
  9. Ricardmakon

    Ricardmakon New Member

    Try the site for unlock code online, they accept Paypal.

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