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  1. statril

    statril New Member

    hi everyone from greece crete.
    i just bought a new CASIO G'ZONE COMMANDO
    from U.S. and it's locked .
    if someone know how to unlocked in another carrier
    please write something

  2. mitch04

    mitch04 Active Member

    please let me know how to if someons knows
  3. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Well-Known Member

    Since it is a CDMA phone, I don't believe it can be unlocked like a GSM phone such as you get from AT&T. The only Verizon phones that I know of that can be unlocked are their global phones such as the Incredible 2, Droid 2 Global, BB Tour, etc. because they can be used on both CDMA and GSM radio bands.

  4. statril

    statril New Member

    thanks a lot . i believe that i'll sale it .
  5. pakwarung

    pakwarung Member

    it can be unlocked... but u can used it only cdma network....
    it can flash to another carrier [works call and sms]
    now how to making data connection on it? anyone know?
  6. kot222

    kot222 Member

    So I bought new unlock Casio Comm, but I need use it in other CDMA carriers (Pathword). How can I change CDMA phone number my carriers? If you can, I need step-by-step manual and phone codes for it. It's unlocking phones (Droid 2.2)
  7. pakwarung

    pakwarung Member

    1. install driver [vz acces manager google it]
    2. install qpst (google it)
    3. seting ur carrier with the qpst
    4. setting the internet data with qxdm

    the instruction same google nexus s [you can translate it with google translate [indonesia>english]
    if u wanna manual programming go to phone call ##program [code:000000 zero six] sorry my english is bad
    my country =indonesia has cdma network so it is works in here
  8. mitch04

    mitch04 Active Member

    Hi is it possible to use my network in Australia If i reflash it? if anyone knows please tell me, Really Appreciate it.
    thank you
  9. pakwarung

    pakwarung Member

    if ur country has cdma network it can be flash :)

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