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how to unmerge google contacts?Support

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  1. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    i merged all my phone contacts with google now they all have a little 'g' icon attached to them how do i remove them?

    or seperate

    anyone know?

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  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Go into contacts, select the one you want, then press Menu>Separate Contact
  3. RanRuobin

    RanRuobin Active Member

    maybe there is an confusion about "joining" and "merging" contacts.
    When I join contacts I easily can unjoin(separate) them but once a contact is merged ( f.e. with google) then i cannot "Unmerge" it. there is no option for this. It makes sense because merge actually means make one out of two or more. Join means build a group inside a contact. So I think once you merged your contacts then you can't undo that.
    hope this helps
  4. RanRuobin

    RanRuobin Active Member

    I forgot a hint: If you have merged your contacts and you want the same contact in your phone and in f.e. google, then simply copy it to your phone again. Now you can join it with your google contact, so you still have both, but DO NOT merge it again.
  5. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    yes but i still have the existing google contact
  6. thiodrio

    thiodrio New Member

    I did same and have little g as (google Icon) near every contact.

    There is contacts.google.com page where you can administer your conctacts. I just go to More>Restore contacts...

    This will open dialog with this explanation:

    "You can restore your contact list to the state it was in at any point within the past 30 days. This is a great way to recover deleted contacts, undo an import, or undo a merge."

    Before restore contact backup your contact list on your phone (to .vcf file) as I did on my Samsung Galaxy SII...


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