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  1. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys ! Do you need To extract or Unpack system.img here it is by using unyaffs For windows Download unyaffs.exe here and go to cmd change the directory or cd your folder were is unyaffs.exe is extracted. In my case i used in Drive first of all change the directory It looks like this
    Code (Text):
    1. C:\Documents and Settings\Your_name>
    Change the drive F:I have F drive so i used it u can change the drive what u have in your PC
    Code (Text):
    1. F:\>unyaffs.exe system.img
    Place unyaffs.exe and system.img in same folder or drive when u extract it takes 2 or 3min pls be patients after it is done it looks like this
    Code (Text):
    1. F:\>unyaffs.exe system.img
    2. end of image
    Now u can see the extracted system.img files in the drive or folder:D

    To repack the system.img you need linux:p

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  2. erandevishal

    erandevishal Active Member

    what changes a newbie can do after unpacking???
  3. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    sorry newbie stay off:eek: Btwn By unpacking system.img you can get Framework-res.apk and system ui.apkby those files u can Theme ur rom as u like in UOT Kitchen:D
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  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Lol its like spending $100 for a $1 thing :D

    Wait for my reply..... I will write back when I get time today....

    Just remember this thing is not going to help you :p

    I did plan to write a tutorial for the same but time did not permit me...
    I will just explain you the stuff when I get time soon. I

    Cheers, :)
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  5. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Thnks ninad in adv for tutorial :) but y its cant help :( :( already my data wasted too
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    lol , sorry for you :eek:

    But you should have asked any senior member here :D
    Also by the way u r unpacking , you gonna Completely screw up device :D

    I can challenge on this ;)

    For If you want to use the kitchen ,
    Just wait a few days, I have started the code for the same :p

    You will have to do nothing except for connecting ur device ;)

    I hope u can wait for the time :p i have higher priorities now :eek:
    Till time, Enjoy UB-A75-1 :p ,
    Btw just to tell u, Your device's signal bars cannot be edited via the kitchen :)
    Though you can apply other stuff :)

    Again, I will just keep on writing the code as i keep on getting the time ...

    Coming soon ...
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  7. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    yeah you r correct...i did some changes in system.img and flahsed it my mobile stuck on start up :D i flashed my fone 4 times a day ROFL :D
    Once i put some fonts in folder via Root explorer it changed but mobile doesn't worked :confused: i am flashing my mobile 4 times per day:(
    aww Thnkz :) and btwn gionee rom which u edited its fine but battery lags :( And i doesn't know to req to senior
    I am waiting for tutorial and kitchen ;)
    Jst i need to change boot screen,lock,fonts,and etx..:eek: already i cooked it :D Via UOT :D..
    Thnks for help!:) Ninad Can u help for signature errors
  8. erandevishal

    erandevishal Active Member

    there are some system apps which I had backed up from ub1,as firewall,music player using titanium and also as apk using es explorer.
    now I m using ub2 bt want ub1 music player (as this 1 doesn't have equilizer n external equilizer uses ram).
    I tried to install bt not able to do so.
    I would love to use galaxy s music player (have apk), bt same problem.
    anyone help!!!
  9. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    :)Dont worry i am waiting for ninad tutorial after getting it i will replace cool stuffs in And A good Rom will be Done. ub-1 and ub-2 is evergreen ROM for Mmx A75 users:rolleyes:
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  10. erandevishal

    erandevishal Active Member

    ok thanx for that in advance.
    bt want to know if there is any way so I can install all those uninstallable apps.
  11. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Ya !
    Use one of the many apps available ;)
    Try titanium backup .. or may be many others out there :p
  12. erandevishal

    erandevishal Active Member

    I already tried titanium.
    bt nt working.
    it only shows backing up In progress bt never complete.
    any other options?
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  13. sudiptaid

    sudiptaid Well-Known Member

    hello when will new update going to launch?
  14. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Use Jrummy's Ultimate backup tool so u can backup as Apk format:D And u can install well :p
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