How to unroot and uninstall rom??

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  1. droidxer2

    droidxer2 Member

    Ok, so..

    I used z4root to root my dx, i installed dx bootstrapper and rom manager, then installed one of the black bar roms from rom manager itself. Everything has worked fine, but.. being a newbie i forgot to do a nandroid backup before i loaded the rom. Now i can't flash a new rom or my phone pretends to bootloop, and i must go back to one of the nandroids i have made since the black bar installation. .. but anyway, In anticipation of the gingerbread update, which i intend to do OTA, what do i need to do? Do i need to uninstall that one rom (i dont know how to do that if i do need to), or do i need to just use z4 to unroot and will that take away the rom? or can i just do a factory reset and it will all return to stock?

    So i guess the question is, do i need to return to stock (and how?) or can i just grab the ota and i will unroot (fine by me) and have stock gingerbread?

    HELP! haha

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  3. droidxer2

    droidxer2 Member

    ok.. it seems fairly simple, but do i need to do this? or will the gingerbread ota work ok?
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    You need this. Ota won't install without all the bloat there.
  5. droidxer2

    droidxer2 Member

    i didnt uninstall any bloatware. its still bone stock besides the status bar color change.

    anyone else have other takes?
  6. droidxer2

    droidxer2 Member

    Anybody have any input? i dont know what to do!

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