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how to UNroot spica/portal fully?

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  1. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member

    Hey, im totally new to the whole android scene.

    I rooted my phone using Leshaks kernel and odin.
    i didnt back up n that. then becuase my phone was playing up i got a stock 2.1 rom thing and used odin to put it back on.
    i was wondering if there is a way to UNroot my phone because im on 3UK and need Planet 3 to get 3g internet. Plus my dad is going mental cuz i rooted my phone :eek:

    If this helps my phone info is:
    Model No. GT-i5700
    Firmware version, 2.1-update 1
    Baseband version: i570EXXJC1
    Kernal version: 2.6.29
    Root@SE-S610 #2

    Build Number: ECLAIR.XXJCE


  2. Ihm

    Ihm Member

    Try sending your browser to




    See how that goes before you worry about unrooting :) I dont think you can unroot, but I'm on 3UK and have Planet 3 and 3G access.

    If you're missing 3G access then you need to setup your APN settings properly, which erm... I cant remember, If you need them though I will find them out for you ^^b.
  3. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member

    Thankyou, it would be good to get APK settings cuz ive got the 100mins 3000txts 500mg internet add on and i can get a phone signal but dont get a 3g/edge signal thing. thanks.
  4. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member

  5. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member

    its ok now, all i had to do was put apn as three.co.uk and VOILA but i still dont have planet 3 app>!
  6. Ihm

    Ihm Member

    There is no Planet 3 App, the Planet 3 link you see on the stock 3UK phone is just a shortcut to the website, those links I gave you will take you to the website as well, then you can just save a shortcut to your desktop, thats what I did :D.
  7. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member

    Ok, but one thing thats weird is that apps that need root say ive not got root. i think i remember once downloading the 7zroot app and pressing unroot however my phone kernel still says root @2 ect. ideas??
  8. AndroidN00b

    AndroidN00b Member


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