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  1. josh4

    josh4 Active Member

    So my phone is synced. If I go to contacts, menu, edit sync groups and uncheck sync all contacts it deletes everything from my phone.

    How can I unsync my phone without loosing anything and then delete the contacts only in my phone without affecting the gmail address book?

  2. josh4

    josh4 Active Member

  3. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    hmmmmmm not getting any people answering. on how to do this
    Wow! I am not to surprised ...
  4. fanaticalman2

    fanaticalman2 New Member

    I just got an Android phone yesterday and I think I have the answer for this. I got the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint and I am by no means experienced with Android yet, but the same problem happened to me when I synced my gmail account.

    Here is the solution I came up with:

    Go into the Settings > Accounts and Sync
    Uncheck any syncing you do not want enabled for the accounts.

    This will keep the account from syncing going forward

    To remove the current contacts from you contact list that have already synced:
    Go into
    "Contacts" >
    Click the "Menu" button >
    Choose "Display Options" >
    Choose the account you would like to remove the contacts from your list (in my case, gmail) >
    Uncheck all boxes.

    This corrected the problem for me. Let me know if this is specific for my phone and if it doesn't work for others.

    Good luck!

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