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How to unzip files?Support

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  1. The Batman

    The Batman Active Member

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry for this newb question, but here it is: is there a way to unzip a folder and its contents onto my HTC Evo:confused:? The file/folder contains an adw theme that I came across while browsing on my phone's internet.

    My phone has not been rooted. I do have Astro file manager (free version), but I'm nowhere near an expert enough to start messing around with files.

    I really like the theme and would love to upload it onto my phone so that I can use it.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks a lot everyone.:D

  2. Astro should be able to. Just long press the file. If not, there are plenty of "unzippers" in the Market.
  3. The Batman

    The Batman Active Member

    Once I open/unzip the files, how do I know which file will start the theme?
  4. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I used androzip once and it worked great...

    I can't help with the theme though as I never use them.
  5. I assumed you have a theme program that you are downloading these files for. There is no way to do it stock, so you have to have some kind of program to use that file.
  6. The Batman

    The Batman Active Member

    Currently I'm using adw launcher and also launcher pro. I switch between them when I want to change it up. The themes also help to change things up once in a while.

    So does anyone know if my phone would have to be rooted to do unzip and load everything in it? Or is this a lost cause?

    Sorry for being so layman about cell phone software guys.

    I really do appreciate the help.
  7. Again, download Astro from the market, it will unzip your files.
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