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  1. opaoopa

    opaoopa Member

    Hey Guys i tried to find out information on this over the internet and it's really hard, i hope you can give me some answers.

    Is it possilble to upgrade my samsung galexy phone with android 1.5 to 1.6 and when the days will come to 2.0 ?

    If it's possible , can you please redirect me to an tut that will explain to me howto .

    Thanks guys.

    Have great weekend.

  2. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    Question has been asked and answered many times over in the forum. Run a search.
  3. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Pegasus is right, the question has been asked many times. Unfortunately for good reason - samsung are making it very difficult to know what is going on with updates etc.

    There are 2 types of update - firmware version, and android version.

    Samsung have released numerous firmware updates, but never announce they're releasing them. However they seem to be minor updates, and i wouldnt worry about them for now.

    Android updates are slow to come out from samsung. Your best bet is just to keep an eye on forums like here until you see it's been announced officially and then there'll be tutorials all over the place.

    For now though, enjoy android 1.5 and whatever firmware your on! If you find any major bugs, post them here and you can prob get them sorted individually.
  4. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    Anyway I guess I'll put this here for you this time.

    One of the news sites managed to speak to some Samsung bigwigs and asked about updates. According to that report, the bigwig mentioned that donut (1.6) will only see the light around feb and eclair (2.0) would be here earliest about may.
  5. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Thats just ********. Why dont they skip donut completely? Seems to me like they only have one lowly programmer sitting in a cubicle somewhere trying to do everything himself, while the samsung bigwigs "green light" billions of other models of phones, meaning our lowly programmer gets more and more stuff piled up in front of him.
  6. opaoopa

    opaoopa Member

    Thanks man , And another question just to fix my head

    1.5 = cupcake
    1.6 = donut
    Is that right ?

    What will be the name of 2.0 ?
  7. eraser

    eraser Well-Known Member

  8. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    the name of 2.0 IS Eclair, since it's allready out.

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