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  1. zxpwdsn

    zxpwdsn New Member

    I bought a G1 in France,the white one,and marked "HTC"(not "T-mobile").The following is a detailed information:

    About phone:
    Model number:HTC Dream
    Firmware version:1.1
    Baseband version:62.41s.20.13U_2.22.16.19
    Kernel version:
    herbert@and18-2 #18
    Build number: PLAT-1.0_gms-144337 CL#20416

    can I update my G1 from 1.1 to cupcake without refreshing ADP?
    how to do that?
    thanks a lot!

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Not sure if you CAN or want to use the ADP 1.5 version .... but you can follow the directional links in my signature below to goto ADP 1.5 ... You will not recieve any further OTA updates and your phone will be rooted ...
    You can undo the rooting ... Usually new Builds preceed the formal releases or follow shortly after .... so you will be able to keep ahead or at the least catch-up with any updates that you would get OTA ...
  3. zxpwdsn

    zxpwdsn New Member

    thank you very much!

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