How to: Update your baseband to FC29 (Boost only) (Link is back up)

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  1. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    This is for BOOST ONLY. I am not liable for anything that goes wrong.

    1) Download the baseband (basebandFC29), and copy it to your sdcard. (link is back up)
    The MD5 for basebandFC29.img is: 301801afa7d43b07c2c0febb447ce46b

    2) reboot into CWM, go to "mounts and storage", and mount /system and /sdcard (not USB storage)

    3) run an ADB shell (see post below: How to run an ADB shell)

    4) in the shell, run the following commands EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR:
    THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BRICK YOUR PHONE. While many people have flashed successfully, it is possible that something could go wrong.
    Code (Text):
    3. /system/bin/rmt_storage
    5. md5sum /sdcard/basebandFC29.img
    Make sure the output of the above command matches this MD5: 301801afa7d43b07c2c0febb447ce46b
    If it doesn't match, STOP THIS PROCESS. Re-download the file and start over from the beginning. If everything looks good, continue with the following commands:

    Code (Text):
    3. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/baseband.bak
    5. dd if=/sdcard/basebandFC29.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
    7. exit
    Make sure the above commands finish before you unmount, or terrible things may happen.
    5) unmount /system and /sdcard, and reboot your phone. You now have the FC29 baseband, and a backup of your old baseband is on your sd card (baseband.bak).

    Thanks to penguinrepair, bads3ctor, and mavrikmeercat for showing me how to do this and providing the baseband file.

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  2. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    baseband backup very nice me likey :)
  3. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    If you aren't sure how to run an ADB shell, do this:

    1) Download ADB. You can get this from most "one click" packages. Here is one for your convenience: SuperOneClick v2.3.3

    2) unzip the archive, and copy the "ADB" folder somewhere. It doesn't matter where, as long as you know where it is.

    3) run a command prompt (Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt).

    4) change directories to the "ADB" folder. Use this command:
    Code (Text):
    1. cd C:\wherever\you\put\ADB\
    5) make sure your phone is plugged in, and USB Debugging is on (settings>applications>development)

    6) run this command (in the command prompt) to open an ADB shell:
    Code (Text):
    1. adb.exe shell

    If you are running Mac or Linux, I expect you to know how to translate these instructions :p
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  4. pmike4343

    pmike4343 Member

    Thanks, BluFeNIX! Worked perfectly.
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  5. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    worked! :thumbup:
    very easy i just hope every one reads and follows your instructions because they are perfect...

    thanks for the work BLuFeNiX ,penguinrepair, bads3ctor
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  6. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    is it a problem if /system wont unmount?
  7. mabuis

    mabuis Active Member

    Did the same to me but everything booted up just fine
  8. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    As long as the other commands finished, just reboot. You should be fine.
  9. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.. Guess I'm just tired of people jacking shit that other people spend the time making. my appologies to BluFeNIX..

    Being that this thread is for baseband I thought i'd share with everyone.
    If anyone is looking for another way to update their baseband or you dont have adb installed on your system then you could use Odin.

    this is the same file. (Confirmed and working!!) PR gave it to me as well just before BluFenix so I tared and md5sumed it for Odin. I've flashed baseband on several TU's with it since he is ok with us sharing the one he pulled..

    Windows Only,,

    download & unzip attached file to a location on your PC
    open it
    install samsung drivers (if you dont have them already)
    open Odin.exe
    click OPS button & select the ops file in the folder
    click Phone button & select phone tar.md5 file (if it's shaded out then uncheck one package on the left, then continue)
    while phone is not plugged into usb, put it into download mode.

    From a powered off phone, hold vol down + camera button + power button untill you see the warning screen and press vol up to accept.

    Now plug your phone into usb. you should see the yellow COM box light up in Odin..
    hit the start button in odin and let it flash.
    Odin will reboot your phone when it's done..

    to confirm go to settings > about phone > baseband version and it should be something like #### x FC29

    Files VV
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  10. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    1) Link is now inactive

    2) I did give him credit, read the bold words.

    3) This is a publicly available baseband file released by Samsung, isn't it? anyone could have upgraded and made a copy of the baseband for distribution.

    I'm sorry if I misunderstood the nature of this file, but unless someone other than Samsung made that baseband, then it is not anyone's privilege to keep from the community.

    Edit: I was just informed that this baseband was created by penguinrepair. I was under the impression that it was just a copied Samsung file. The link has been removed permanently, since it is penguinrepair's to release. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Edit 2: The baseband was, in fact, created by Samsung. It seems I was correct in my original assumptions.
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  11. bads3ctor

    bads3ctor Well-Known Member

    Penguinrepair did almost all the work getting the new baseband image. It went like this:

    • I gave him my stock Boost backup that I made right after I got my 2nd Boost Transform Ultra and penguinrepair flashed it to his TU
    • Penguinrepair used dd to flash recovery back to stock
    • He then updated to 2.3.6 which flashed the baseband delta patch
    • He then found out which partition was baseband and got a dd image if that
    I am probably missing a few steps but thats the gist of it. The problem is not that it's "owned" by penguinrepair....he is open source all the way. It was that it was not tested properly yet and was posted with improper instructions and without attribution. We like to fully test out fixes before we release these kinds of things so as not to cause users problems.
  12. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    So it was a Samsung-made baseband? The same file I could have obtained if I used the OTA root keeper and upgraded myself?

    Thanks for the clarification.
  13. bads3ctor

    bads3ctor Well-Known Member's the new boost baseband.....and you could get it that way by dd p6 to sdcard but we did not know it was p6 till penguinrepair figured it out.
  14. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    Well, then I see no issue with releasing the file. I will, however, leave the link inactive out of respect.
  15. bads3ctor

    bads3ctor Well-Known Member

    Put it back up...I don't see any problem doing that...but i would add some more red warnings that it's dangerous to dd the baseband.

    Edit: Please make sure all the instructions and img file are correct. Hate to brick someone with the wrong instructions or files. baseband.img might be a better name for the file.
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  16. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    Alright, will do. I figured a descriptive name would be better, so as not to confuse it with another baseband file (like a backup).

    Also, do we know what happens when the TU tries to boot with a bad baseband? I would assume that recovery/CWM would still be accessible.
  17. bads3ctor

    bads3ctor Well-Known Member

    Yes.....basebandFC29.img might be better but really does not matter. I don't know what happens if baseband is corrupted but my guess would be ramdump mode. I really don't want to test this! :rolleyes:
  18. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Name changed to basebandFC29.img, link updated, and commands updated.

    Edit: MD5 check added to instructions
  19. androidkrazy

    androidkrazy Well-Known Member

    dumb question would this baseband work on 2.3.4 or only on the new 2.3.6? and would there really be any point even if this was the case lol?
  20. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    This baseband is confirmed to work with 2.3.4 and 2.3.6. (I'm using it on 2.3.4 right now with no problems.)
  21. androidkrazy

    androidkrazy Well-Known Member

    does it seem to help your signal or call quality at all thought thats the important question.
  22. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

    Yes. I normally got 1-2 bars at my desk with the old (EG29) baseband. After updating I consistently get 2-3 bars. I have not checked 3g speeds.
  23. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    My 3g seemed like 0.5g today..... I think dial up was faster :dontknow: .... did seem to have more bars though... sound always seemed good so dod not notice a difference
  24. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    penguinrepair, thank you for your time and efforts in finding out where baseband is and how to get it on our phones... thanks! :rock:
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  25. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member


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