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How to upgrade Android 2.1 to 2.2?Support

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  1. Fainteddd

    Fainteddd New Member

    How can I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S from Android 2.1 to 2.2, by using KIES?

    I've googled and I get alot of different instructions of how to do it so my question is which is the correct way to do it? Im using KIES and not some kind of other downloadable software (Odin).

    When I search on Google:
    7. Now Kies will list down your current device firmware version and the latest version. The latest version for Android 2.2 Froyo displayed by this model is PDA:JP6 / PHONE:JP2 / CSC:JP5. Click

  2. Fainteddd

    Fainteddd New Member

    Im using Kies 2.0 btw
  3. Rofa

    Rofa Active Member

    Well when you run Kies, it should see whether it (Kies) needs an upgrade. Then it will tell you if the phone has an upgrade available. And ask you what to do about it. You don't have to upgrade.
    Have a look at Samsung Galaxy S I9000 - xda-developers

    The forum is getting big and unwieldy but everything is pretty well there - even standard Kies stuff - as opposed to flashing via Odin etc.
  4. loveforthegame

    loveforthegame New Member

    i need to know also?
  5. misslolalolly

    misslolalolly New Member

    OMG!!! I have the exact same problem!!!!
    I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503T running on Android 2.1 and I have NO IDEA how to update it!!!!
    Please help!!!
  6. Jimmy Mbugua

    Jimmy Mbugua Member

    I upgraded mine recently so I could be of some help.

    • Download the latest KIES software from the Samsung website for your case, here
    Support for GALAXY S SAMSUNG

    • Make sure the PC/Laptop you will install the KIES to has a minimum 2GB memory, runs Wn XP SP2, Vista, or Win 7 preferably 32 bit. Also ensure that your internet connection is stable and preferably cable based
    • Remove your sim card and/ External memory card if any is present
    • Connect your Phone to your comp and if all all parameters are right KIES will detect your phone needs an upgrade which you will accept to install. Once the upgrade begins this is an automated process with none of your input required
    • Depending on the speed of your internet connection it will take anywhere between 30 minutes on the lower side and 2 hrs for very slow speeds to download the software. Once complete the phone will automatically switch off and then on
    And pronto your phone will be now Froyo

    I hope that helps

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